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Honor Guard - Rank 61- Seeks active players. (30/30) Thread Closed

I’m Lunari-Fenix, and I’m the Guildmaster of Honor Guard.
I’m looking to recruit active players interested in strengthening our guild, as well as helping us climb further up the ladder.

Our weekly requirements are as follows:

  • Level 100+ highly preferred
  • 100 trophies
  • 500 seals

Our Guild collects 30k+ seals weekly, and currently completes 2/6 tasks with the rest hitting 7-8/12.
Our Guardians are 67, 67, 59, 60, 61, and 60.
We are Master V, which offers 280% daily gold.

If you’re willing and able to meet our requirements, I’d be more than happy to have you on board.
Leave your level and your weekly averages, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

I am no longer the leader of Honor Guard.
Be on the look out for a new recruitment thread.

Greetings and Salutations,

I’m a new player, level 31 in a little over a week, who got about a thousand seals and contributed for about 70k to tasks, but the guild I got in is devoid of all life.
Just to tell how much I am dedicated to this game, I just got a nice Deathknight armor pack this weekend. And I managed to get to rank 3 PVP, playing between 1 and 2 hours a day. I’m willing to play more for a nice guild :slight_smile:

See you on the field !


Hey Thalindae,

If you’re happy to hit our requirements, then I’m happy to have you on board as well.
I’ll need your Invite code, and you’ll also need to be out of your guild in order for me to send an invite.

Heya there i recently started the game and im looking for a legit and active guild.

I can generate max seals in the first day, 200+ trophies and i cant really promise 50000000k gold but ill do my best gave almost 70k last 3 days to an inactive guild.

Invite code : XDARKSLAYER

hope i can get onboard.

I’m interested. Been playing for about 2.5 weeks and can easily hit those requirements. Very active and can contribute to chat.

invite code: Xuddam

i’ll like to join Honor Guard. I think i can hit the requirements in 2-3 days easily
Lvl: 72
Invite code: DEPENDO

Lvl 256
Dragon armor
100-1500 seals weekly
Easily hit requirements

Thank you all for your interest.
We recruit every Sunday, a few hours before the server reset, so if you didn’t make it in, be sure to try again next week.

2 slots have opened up in our guild.
I look forward to meeting with you guys soon.

2 slots still remain open.

Hi! Not sure if you still have any slots, but I would love to join your guild if you do! I am only level 80 right now, but I can easier meet your other requirements. I’m usually at about 1,000 seals a week and can donate 50k plus. I also get tier 1 each week. My invite code is Elsa_37

hey im an active player who have played for about 3 weeks im lvl 65 but
real active in the game, have all the cities to lvl 6
Last week i donated between 100k-125k and made 1500 seals and i first discovered
pvp last week but made around 100 or so.

invite code: m-momme