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I need to remember this is not an RPG

So, I used to play World of Warcraft during Warlords of Draenor. I was an Orc. Most of the top PvP players played as Humans. Humans had a trait that gave them a free escape from Crowd Control every two minutes. Other races had to use a trinket for that, so in effect, Humans got a free trinket. Other races had other traits tho, so in theory if those traits were equal to a different trinket, it all balanced out. I didn’t mind. I was never going to be a top PvP player, and I preferred to play the race and class I liked.

This game is not an RPG. The classes are not designed to all be equal. I have seen Tier lists for Mythic and Legendary Troops, and also lists of the best Weapons and Troops Epic/below. I would be interested in seeing a list of the best Classes.

I have four at 100: When I returned from a break, Warden was already completed based upon previous gameplay. (Warlord was and is still at 76). I got Dragonguard to 100 because I thought I was Dragonborne, and because I liked the banishment at level 70 for Invasions. When Thief was introduced, I switched to that for PvP. And Titan made Raids, and later Delves, easier.

This past GW, a mate suggested I try Hierophant. Fey? Really? I already got Frostmage to 71. Again, this isn’t an RPG, I should let it go. But if someone were to make a list, top 10, bottom 10, and middle 14, where would the Barbarian Orc class rank? 30th?

Archer is a solid class. 15% chance for lethal skull dmg. Chance to summon Bandits and Hieronaths. I have that at 80. Solid, and it might be the worst Elf class in the game.

Orbweaver has its uses on Defense. Allegedly. Even without LnD, its Spider spawns can be a nuisance with the webs inflicted on enemies. Not to top players, obviously, but you get my meaning. I have that at 92, so eventually it’ll get Rising Shadows.

I’m liking the Monk class, but at 54, I still have a way to go to unlock its full potential. Archmagus is a Mystic, but since its from Silverglade, I consider it almost half-Elf in nature.

Plaguelord is nearing completion at 94. Sentinel at 74 needs some attention. And Sunspear is at 72. After those, I’ve only been working on classes to unlock the weapons and various kingdom levels. I would think Runepriest would be a good class to work on, if I had the time. And I’ve seen Bard get some use.

I know my brother gets tired of my rants against Elves, Fey, and Blue mana users. And he’s my brother, so I can understand why my antics may get tiresome to others as well. The Devs would probably say “Our data shows most of our players prefer to play as Elves or Fey. Therefore, we have made them more powerful than the other races. If you prefer to have Orcs moar powerful, design your own game.” I lack the talent to do that. I am pretty skilled at complaining tho.

I do have Barbarian at 54. I’ll get it to 100 eventually, once I have all the essential GW classes done. Including Hierophant. Grrr.

Thanks for letting me share. And if anyone wants to make a Tier List for Classes, I promise not to hijack it with my rants. For the Horde


Archmagus and Thrall are best buds. One match fill if unblocked, and pick your other two troops for easy class leveling.


My personla tier list would look like that:
Every hero class having Stone talent tree is of the top, as that gain barrier on matching brown and fortitude makes them more durable than other classes.

**Titan **

Another group i find pretty usefull, are Shadow Talentet Classes:

There are others that are prety usefull in their builds:
Frostmage (with teams that can either cast a lot and continue the freeze-loop)
Bard (with durable teams that allow all troops to grow big)
Dragonguard (with dragons, but also in team which allow dragon guard magic to grown insane with match 4/5)

Also here’s a list of classes that I often use or used to use (with explaining why and what for they were used):

Stormcaller (high lvl explore -> mana generator for HKI, damage soaker until HKI can start devouring enemies) usefull traits & talents: yellow storm at start of every turn + explode yellow gem at start
Thief (pet event team -> with SK build, pvp defence for at least one team in GW, summoner) -> summon bandits on unit death, summon hierophant on cast, hunter mark enemy on match 4, raising shadows for some insta kills, and depending from purpose: either get gold on start of turn (with SK) or summon sister of pain when killing enemy (for def)
Titan (lvl 500 delving with HKI, Tank and mana generator, also using for GW) -> starts with 50% mana, Stone talent tree, but also explode yellow on match 4
Dragonguard (GW and ranked PVP: tank & orbweaver killer) top traits/talents: gain magic& life on match 4, 40% damage reduction, banishment (dispell all on match 4), fireblade (tripple skull damage on burning enemies) -> depending from the fight i either benefit from fireblade with some skull converters along (and infernus) or try to grow his magic stat to some absurd numbers with match4 and use him as a tanky caster
** Corsair** (ranked pvp and GW): bonus to blue mana gained-> using him only with “Blue Zuul” team (team with Zuul Goth focusing on feeding Zuul with blue mana)
Monk (ranked pvp & GW): most resilent clas in game: Stone tree, followe up with Sky Ancestry and cleanse from matching 4 gems makes him a perferct front liner in offensive pvp teams

apart from 6 above i rather dont use any other classes apart from leveling them.
i used to use more often in past:

Priest - with divine troops, makes your team grown quite big, expecialy in team with Divinia
Sorcerer - realy like this class, if battle goes longer can deal some insane damage with his magic grow
Sentinel - most tanky class in game, used to use him a lot in delves and pvp, would recommend him for less experienced players for delving, as it’s less punishing for mistakes than Titan
Warden - with beasts, it’s a beast
Sunspear - trows a lot of debuffs on enemies at start of battle, summons fire storm at start of each turn

I could also put a list of classes i almost never use in any case (other than lvling them for kingdom power level) as either: i see no fun as playing them or i cant realy see a team they would fit, that would like:

Other classes, not listed anywhere above, are those i’m using from time to time to brake the routine and/or experiment with a new build.

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Tier list of class are subjektiv as far i seen them yeah you will allways find Titan , frostmage and stuff but classes are really just for what does your hero Needs in the comb :wink:
i find hirophant is one of the highest Tiers cause of A cleanse itself b FIREBLADE

so back to my first though :
if you like being an orc noone shoiuld stop ya from doing so loses , who cares -> Play another 300 Matches XD
i do like wrath so i am playing without a hero most of the time … cause :
possed king actucally dont Need a hero in there to delet enemies :joy: + it is just fun to watch :nerd_face:

so Long take care and enjoy the game :wink: