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I have lost all my progress

For some reason when I turn the game on it started over to the beginning when you help Luther and I can only make it to where you have to name your character. I keep getting an error message saying lost connection. I hope I didn’t lose everything I was level 180 something with a vip level of 4. Bye the way this is on the Xbox one. This started yesterday with the server problems I just hope it’s a server problem because I don’t really want to start over

Sorry to hear that. Contact 505 Support if you haven’t already. They will retrieve your Hero ASAP.


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Yeah I did that waiting for a response

Any news yet regarding your recent trouble?

It’s kinda of a mess. The game wouldn’t let me go any further until a chose a new name. So right now they are trying to put the old character data to the new character data.

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A migration of sort? I hope it works out well for you. They have a very good support team. :+1:

Yay everything got fixed


Congrats! Good luck with your adventures!