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Restarted my profile for the 3rd time - Lost Everything

Hi there,

First thing, I want to say I have enjoyed playing this game and have played it a lot with my family. I played it quite a bit about a year ago with my family when I got to Level 33 and was in their guild “Rickulus” but when I tried to sign in again to play one day, it made me restart all the way back to level 1, I lost everything. So I played for a bit, rejoined the guild, play to Level 3 and said screw it because I was just annoyed at losing everything. Today, I started to play again, and since I was still part of my family’s guild, I got to accept all they earned - 1,880 gold keys, 160 glory keys, 16 gem keys, 2,750 souls, 225 gems, 4,160 glory, and 41 treasure maps. Woohoo, right? So I got some mythics and sweet ass cards, began playing and doing some quests and then, playing in Broken Spire, the game resets me again! Now at Level 1 for the third time, lost everything. If this can’t be rectified, unfortunately I am just over playing and losing everything again and again. I would love to keep playing especially since my whole family plays but this is ridiculous and obnoxious. Any insight and help is greatly appreciated.