I got 99 problems and Chat is One

Perhaps this is not an issue for you all, but with the new and improved chat system guild announcements have left the building.

They have been relegated to the old area with the activity log. If I had a dime each time a member asked me where the activity tab is in chat, I would have … like … maybe … 30 or 40 cents …

Is there any possible way we could get a guild announcement placed in the guild chat window or somewhere prominently located? Most of our members do not care about the environment, orphans, or looking at the activity log. So the announcements are not going to be seen any more than America outranking Singapore in mathematics.

And announcements are kind of important because people forget things like minimum guild requirements and guild task donation priority and tips for understanding why the US government allows two states to legalize a certain genus of herbaceous plant and expects the other forty-eight states to just chill and be cool with that … wait … lost my train of thought … quick break while I order a pizza … okay back.

In conclusion, having announcements in the forefront would be super. If you disagree, no worries mate. This is just a thought. Peace out.


America outranks Singapore in Mathematics?
Surely you jest :smirk:

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Ha! No no no … Sorry if that is confusing. I do not mean that at all … my point is that Singapore ranks very high and America does not. Not a chance the US will outrank Singapore or Hong Kong (China) or Japan or Switzerland or … well, you get the idea. Needless to say, in my humble opinion, we Americans need to work on our education system quite a bit.

The construction is somewhat like /not X/ any more than /Y/

A negative assertion emphasized by the obvious absurdity of the second assertion.

X will not be seen any more than Y will … that is, equally untrue …

I’d be okay with Announcements appearing at the top of Guild Chat, along with the character limit being increased to at least that of chat.

Seriously, Announcements have to be so dang short, it feels like twitter has an unlimited character limit in comparison…


Semi unrelated to this discussion, but my major problem with the chat is how the global chat was implemented. There is no primary channel where everyone knows to go to. There are also so many channels that the random channel every person gets put in is likely not to have any chat occurring. The current system completely defeats the purpose of a global chat. I feel like the channel system should be reduced to about 10-30 named rooms, of which one is designated as the master global chat.

I would also love an option to disable notifications, but still enable chat and chat related notifications.


Yes, I find this as a non logical solution. Global chat feels even smaller then the guild chat. .

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I got 99 problems…


This would be nice.

wish i could see who was in my chat room. :frowning:


Seems like they desperately need to cut down on the auto-messages AND increase the number of players per channel. All I see are ghost towns of auto-messages.


Most games with global chats don’t show who is in the room. At most they will show the number of people in the room, for it is usually in the 100s. It would work well for guild chat, but not global chat.

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That’s a good idea, another would be time stamps, I wouldn’t care if they wasn’t for my timezone, I could do the conversions.