Guild chat/smoke signals

A ”few” words about the guild chat and the problems I’ve encountered.

I still remember my first day in gems of war. It was not the epic version, but the latest one. Can’t imagine what the chat was back then, but it could have well been just the same :smile:

The guild chat ain’t the easiest to be found for newcomers. It took me a while and a few of my guild mates have said the same. It’s a bit awkward to welcome people, when they haven’t even found the chat, some never will. They are left in the dark with Luther as their only friend.

The main reason for me not finding the guild chat was the global chat. English is not my first language, so the global chat with it’s fast pace felt like a massive upside down waterfall made of matrix code. Somewhere behind that waterfall a guild chat waits to be found, a serene oasis with slower pace and time to translate what people are saying. The thing is that those who find it feel more like home with the game and get the help they need from fellow guild mates.Some of us even write in their own language and it’s no problem to translate it nowadays if given a little time.

Time is a good donkey bridge (Finnish phrase for jumping to the next topic).

The short chat history. It mostly occurs during guild wars when the chat is most active. At the start of the week we analyze the competition and some people totally miss it if they don’t visit GOW every day, or just a good conversation, hmm, I wonder how this got started… scrolling… hmm, i still wonder how it got started.

Even just adding a like button would help, because now you do that by using emojis, which devours a little piece of the history.

We could take the chat elsewhere. I know some use that chord thingy, but the thing is that we wouldn’t get all 30 guild members to join it and I don’t want to leave anyone behind thinking that others are talking behind his/her back. It might work well on the more serious guilds where players are more dedicated, but we play mostly because of all the nice pictures.

This was my first topic, thanks for letting me share.
I’m not sad, just confused about the future.