I didn't want to, but you baited me into it 5.4

2 personal pet peeves, inefficiency, and redundancy.
So if Lycanthropy is a Status effect it shouldn’t be listed (as @AMT pointed out) or if it transforms troops then it still shouldn’t be listed.

And I still for the life of me don’t understand why Invulnerable can be Mana burned when Impervious cannot. If Invulnerable is a superior version of Impervious then it should of have Mana Shield not just soley “Mana Drain”.

(But feel free to add “Except Curse” if you’re gonna insist on adding words to the description. Then you might as well add words that would be helpful for newer players who haven’t studied Gems of Encyclopedia for 4-7 years.)


fully agree with you, that is sth i don’t understand also, maybe devs will add a more superior version “Blessed Invulnerable” :wink:

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