Negative effect is supposed to go against the one who carries it. Lycanthropy is NOT!

Lycanthropy is certainly an interesting status effect. But it is not negative effect.

There is a 15% to be fully healed and cleansed, and transformed into something more powerful.

Lycanthropy should be EXCLUDED from the category of “Negative Effect”.

Troops and weapons that apply random negative effect now are all screwed.

There are positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero. So there should be positive status effect, negative status effect, AND NEUTRAL status effect, which should include Lycanthropy and Transformation!!!


Update 5.4.5: Lycanthropy changed to positive status effect that screws up Reflection of Good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t give them ideas :scream:

Yeah, there’s no way around it: Random is NEITHER a Negative nor a Positive.

So it should have its own category and/or be toggle-able (the latter being the solution to ALL affixes people don’t like, storms they’d rather not have, etc…)


Novelty > Utility.

What happens when people who don’t know how to play Gems of War create ideas for Gems of War while Steve Fawkner sits at the meeting with a ball gag in his mouth secured with duct tape and a car battery attached to his nipples incase he doesn’t nod his head yes to every dumbass idea lobbied by whichever inept executive that used nepotism to find his or her way into the design of the game we love.

All hypothetical of course. My apologies if that turns out to be more truth than fiction.


I almost completely agree here. Lycanthropy completely breaks Essence of Evil, by cleansing and healing the target (and possibly transforming them into an Impervious troop). When the Lycanthropy triggers, it also does not reduce the troop level, the way normal transform works.

You could fix this by NOT cleansing on transform (it always annoyed me that when Hex activates, it cleanses the target).