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I can't believe this works


I’ve been testing quite a few different defend builds lately so I can make a new “Best Defend Teams” video. I was kind of joking when I set this one… :smiling_imp:


Damn, I don’t have Famine & only one not fully traited Death. :frowning:

Well, yesterday, death popped two of my players instantly! It was all downhill from there. And they only had one death on their team :hushed:

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And double famine teams are always a worry.

i myself have been using Famine Famine Acoltye Famine since Famine was released and have yet to go negative in defense wins in fact before emperor korvash and stun was introduced i managed a few weeks with a 2:1 win ratio

I keep Famines out of 1st 2 due to Emperor Khorvash.

Seems if you switch up defense teams often it throws everyone off

Only have one Famine so I’ve been using Gorg/2x Death/Famine. Works pretty well!

What the hell, I used this earlier and didn’t get anywhere near that kind of result. Hacks!

Did you use same order and banner? That could switch it up some.

The only other factor could be that I have 5 star all kingdoms.

This definitely works for me. I have more wins than losses on defense a lot


Well… no…

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Death - Famine - Death - Famine
is actually a lot weaker than
Death - Death - Famine - Famine
(I tested it.)

The main reasons for this is Emperor Khorvash and the fact that Death does a lot more skull damage, especially if he casts once.

The banner is set to brown/yellow to counter Maw and to make sure Famine fills quickly. If the AI takes brown/yellow 2 times and gets 3 surges, that is only 3 turns for a Famine.

And I’m here trying to get a single mythic. . Sigh. .


Pay to win confirmed. :smile_cat:

I guess stat reduction can destroy any team that relies on skull damage and if either Death or Famine cast it’s pretty devastating.

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Looks to me like a too small sample size. My defense team win:lose ratio is 1:2 at best, yet I sometimes see a win streak of 5+ together. Unless it’s consistent throughout the week, I wouldn’t take these results too seriously.


This is exactly the issue.

You have to build a team that can still deal damage after all the passive draining.

(** that has Maw on it)

With a single-use spell, Maw isn’t actually the best counter.

I’m not a big maw fan for that reason. I prefer famine’s damage abilities, as long as you hold back and strike when your opponents mana is high.