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Hunting mythic troops for the campaign

what is the best way to hunt these mythic troops? for example, King Bloodwood. I looked up that he is from Forest of Thorns, but when I got the mythic battle - he wasnt there. should I keep trying? or there is only kind of a mythic troop in the mythic battle for each kingdom and I should look somewhere else? :slight_smile:

You can fight him on the world event. It takes a bit for him to appear, but at least there is a battle with him and no Yasmine Chosen.

You can also try Casual PVP, so you just need to refresh the battles a few times until you see a team with him. Players tend to put said troops on easy defenses to help other players with their tasks.

Weird that he didn’t appear in the mythic boss fight because he is the only mythic for that kingdom. He should be a dead cert.

Yasmine’s Chosen is also from Forest of Thorns:

So 50% chance you won’t find Bloodwood when you face the mythic battle while exploring.

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what exactly is the world event? I recently returned to the game, there seems to be a lot of new stuff. and even then, I am pretty casual :slight_smile:

It’s an event for guilds. If you returned to the game just these days you need to join a guild to be able to acess it. The guild button is that little Tower with a Heart. As I like to call it: The Carebears’ Tower.

I’ve gone through a few mythic explore battles in forest of thorns and have only seen Yasmines Chosen. I was staring to think that King Bloodwood wasn’t going to show, but I’m assuming it is just RNG being a bully. I will keep trying.

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