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How's my defense

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you had a chance to fight my new defence team?
If so, do you have any feedback?

Some people remember facing me, or another level 1000. My as well take advantage of it…

Also, how much am I worth these days?

About two cents :laughing:
Sorry for being off topic, but I couldn’t resist. You’re still my buddy tho :kissing_heart:

You were worth 1725 when I played you this morning(Before armor incentives).

Imp of Love never has a chance to cast and I kill Crimson Bat rather quickly.

I use Soothsayer, Slime, Burning Scythe, and Shadow Dragon.

I simply use spell damage and turn the board purple.

I have just defeated you.
I am sorry but your true shot team was a lot more annoying.

Why are you sorry? That’s why I ask for feedback.

I honestly got tired of that team. It was time for me to change… Others were using it…

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That’s an interesting point… wonder how much I am worth now!?

My defence team has attracted some, er, feedback :smiley: I hope it’s giving people an interesting (and not standard gobbo/dragon meta) match…

Because you might have hoped that you team was efficient?

It is true that everyone had his true shot team and it was tiresome. There is a little more diversity now. It is nice.

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Your defense team is really annoying. You were worth 1400 before armor perks. That was a revenge battle, and I have never pulled you in my queue

plus 1 to that

YOU, are extremely worthy, my friend.but this was yesterday with your old team

Dropped a lot from this morning

Just fought it (you were worth 964 golds before any multiplier).
Beat your deck pretty easily with a new deck I’m testing made of
Psion **** lvl 10 untraited
Mercy **** lvl 19 all traits
Valkyrie **** lvl 19 all traits
Crimson Bat **** lvl 19 no traits
All kingdoms lvl 10 none power lvled 5

Didn’t loose a single troop on W1

still worth a lot. have seen from 1k - 2k base on average. over 2k once since patch

Uploaded a photo from 16th March where it was giving almost 3k, but it is now around 1,200 base gold.
I believe the first amount was so high due to possible inactivity at the time as you still had your true-shot defence team loaded when it had been nerfed for a day or two previously.

ok who equiped the necromancer class and brought this thread back to life?

We were asked to post here

Welp i can’t argue with that actually. Glad someone likes necromancers.