How to increase the chance of getting gold keys during battles?

As the topic says. Thanks for answer!

As far as I know, it’s random. No way to increase it, sorry! The drop rate did go up as of last patch though, I think - I’ve noticed a significant increase.

It went up in the patch that came yesterday you mean? Thank for answer.

It actually increases with higher difficulty level.

The chances seem rather sporadic for me. At least at normal difficulty. I sometimes get several per battle and sometimes no keys at all for ten battles.
I was recently inclined to believe the chances have been increased, but today i got almost no keys from maybe one or two dozens of battles.

I expect it went up by a factor of 3 following 1.08 (because keys only provide one troop now, instead of 3).

However, perhaps the devs increased it by more than this.

Wish I started to play this game earlier, everything tells me that it was easier to get Legendaries before 1.08.

Gold keys can drop on each match you make, so the only way to increase the chance is to make more matches… So get cascades or play longer battles (a slow farming team that holds the turns forever while grinding the enemy down might help)… But I doubt that the chance of extra keys would be better than the rewards for winning so probably better to play a fast strong team and win more matches (and then just buy the gold keys)…

Playing at a harder difficulty might increase the drop rate (and probably should) but I’ve never seen this confirmed by devs…