Save or not save up golden keys?

Is it really worth it to save up your gold keys only to launch a huge batch at one time? Or will you get the same percentage of legendaries for instance with just opening 15 keys as opposed to maybe 100 keys?

The reason that I am asking is because I haven’t notice that much of a huge difference. Although the most amount of keys I have the patience to save for has been 30.

Patience is difficult for me to look forward to in the gaming world anyways, since my real life is hard enough being filled with patience already, the last thing I want to do when I go to play a game just for fun is to have to wait to be able to spend my gems on golden keys.

Is a pretty hard question to make since we can only speculate on how the drop system works. For me, I stoppend open keys as-they-come when I had 119/121 troops, after that I only have touch my pile of keys for when major patchs come out. It really work out but I don’t think it actually makes any difference. Is more like a “hope” having so much keys you are almost sure that you are gonna find your missing troop instead of going for the frustation of open six at a time everytime they come up.

What Serale says. It probably doesn’t make any difference, but if you save up more, the chance of not being disappointed are increasing. :slight_smile:

Today I opened up 400+ keys, because I wanted the new legendary Gar’nok. I wasn’t disappointed! I received it even twice, along with Keeper of Souls (!) and Alistair, which made my Khetar troops complete.

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Thanks, but not sure if you are talking about just the iron keys or the golden keys, since I can much easier get stacks of regular keys, it’s the golden keys that I was hoping to learn about. Or…maybe the same applies for both golden and iron keys?

I have a habit of saving both. It seems to me, but I could be wrong, that when I open a bunch of chests with the iron keys, then open more chests with the golden keys, I have gotten legendary troops every time. It could just be the laws of average at work here though as well. you open so many chests, so many have to be legendary. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I applied the same method to both of them. If you want to learn more about the keys heres some information I gathered: Click Here.

Opened keys two at a time the past few days. Got Behemoth, Sheggra and Gloom Leaf. Doubt that would have changed if I simply had opened 100 keys at once.

Of course it wouldn’t. The chances of getting an Epic or a Legendary are the same EVERY TIME you use a key. Whether that’s two minutes after another or two days. Statistics 101.

I thought Statistic 101 was: you’ll never get that Legendary you are missing and really want until you get it. Then you’ll only get that one Legendary.

hahaha, I guess GoW has it’s own statistics altogether, @melkathi! :slight_smile:

Apart from buying the keys and getting 3 in Arena. HOW do you amass so many keys? Please tell me. I’m stuck on 99 troops now for almost 2-3 weeks!!

Get into a guild, @cleric1014! Together you can harvest a lot of keys and gems, as well as souls and maps, if your guild chooses to do those as well. I know many guilds concentrate on keys and gems only. That would give you 200-300 keys and 300-400 gems weekly.

Thanx, I am in a Guild but it’s very slow going. Very slow compared to those results. Very slow indeed.

You can always apply to a higher level guild, with a full roster of 30/30 and a policy that you should be active or get kicked. :smile:
I have to add that in order to get that many keys, the guilds usually make it mandatory that all gems earned through the guild are converted to gold and invested back.

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