How to bring bigger variability into PVP - advices for devs

I don’t want to talk about what was done wrong or which team or troop is OP.
It is quite clear that in general there is not a big variability in PVP teams. Devs are trying to do something with that but it is not always working. I would count into those tries for example counter troops against strong combo, nerfs or new mechanics like burn or freeze.

Lets gather our ideas under this topic. Lets advise devs what we think could encourage us to pick interesting teams.
Because honestly, most of the players just stick to the strongest team they have at a given time. My idea is to collect ideas for some time and create a poll so we can vote for good ones. To do that, it would be nice to have a same structure for ideas (name + description). For example:

PVP double trophy events

  • last event with Runesmith showed that it is possible to reward matches when the specific troop is used. What if there were regular events where you get double trophies in PVP when using team with the specific troop. Events can be on daily, weekly or even 2-3 day basis. I think that new troops from the last few weeks shouldn’t be used to give some time for leveling and traiting.
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I add numbers before each ideas so it may be easier to give our answer.

About 1): the double trophy seems to me too much rewarding: we will be forced to use this weekly troop to stay competitive…

2) Achievement points

Achievement points will be added to the game. It will be gained with special tasks such as using the weekly troop or other weekly achievements (using the weekly troop + another specific troop decided by devs to show how good this weekly troop can be, with this combo, etc). It can work like PVP rank system: with Achievement points you gain Achievement rank and each week you gain some rewards according to your Achievement rank. Or like trophies, a ladder with no reward…
I know that consoles have already some achievement tasks. I don’t know how it works there. So don’t blame me if I just propose the same system :stuck_out_tongue: .

3) One Base Legendary copy by team

They are legendary so why you can have 4 of them in the same team? You can have only one Hero so it must be the same with Legendary, no?