How to assign traitstones, what are YOU doing?


Just curious how you all are deciding to assign traits to troops. I’m not sure if I should do it to the teams I use the most or what. Some traits seen kinda meh for some troops so I think they could be applied later. How are you all picking what troops to trait up?


I’ve just been traiting the troops I use ftb. As you say, if the trait seems ‘meh’ I’ll save the runes for a more deserving cause until I’m awash with runes :wink:


The first troops I want to trait up is valkyrie for "necromancy"
I think we need lot’s of souls to level up all mythic to level 20
So i decide to traits this troop first

After I traits my productive team (include Valkyrie)

Then my favorite team, and at last the troop to reach the level 5 for each kingdom


Priority is obviously the traits on the team or teams you are using … the ones that are of value to the team and/or can afford. For instance, a damage buff on Sunweaver when she’s not in the first slot is fairly useless - but once I can afford the next trait, which is Jinx, I’ll get them both.

A simple-yet-effective method to get kingdoms to Power Level 2, assuming one has lvl15 Troops already and is on close-to-enough points, is to just dump traits on the lower-rarity troops in order to bump the value up to 1700+. Of course, if the kingdom is one of the few that are still on seven troops, then you have to get a little creative (or expensive).


As mentioned, one of my short term goals to to obtain Necromancy for the Valkerie. I would like to try a 3x Valkerie/Orb team to complete the Kingdom Challenges I still have left, that ought to obtain me quite a few souls with that trait. I may even wait for a Double Soul weekend to crop up :smile:

I also want to unlock Siege on Orion for the Invade attack bonus - does that apply to the entire team?


Defense team needs it more so that was my priority, after that I put what I could on my invade team and the rest is going to Karakoth troops since both of my defense and invade teams greatly benefit from magic increase.


Like esslee, I’m planning to use it on troops in teams I’m already using, and if I run into a “meh” trait I’ll stop working that troop and move to another one. Frankly, it’s so hard to get enough of them at my level that I doubt that’ll be a problem any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just stashing the stones so far until I can use them for something I’ll actually play.


I don’t have that many traitstones, but I did give traits to a few troops from two of my favourite line-ups. Now I’m wondering if it was a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I did a very dumb thing. I did an upgrade on a troop (Necromancy on KoS) thinking that the first trait will only use the first row of Trait Stones. Welp I discovered that it took all three sets of stones. I even read beforehand thst was the case but it still slipped my mind. Wound up using stones I was hoping to use for Carnex, oh well.


Wanna swap KoSs? I haven’t upgraded mine yet, so I could give you an un-upgraded one and you give me yours with Necromancy if you so don’t want it :stuck_out_tongue:


He’d probably want an upgraded Carnex in return :stuck_out_tongue:


Reds and yellows are going to Valkyrie for Necromancy. Purples are going to Dark stone(Thrall and Dark Master) for a team I am building. Can anyone confirm/deny traits on summoned troops? Browns are going to my home kingdom, Khaziel, so I can get a double tribute chance. I’m not sure what to use blues and greens on atm.




Doubt summoned troops will get anything. Still missing kingdom bonuses. And now they’re being summoned a few levels lower seeing as they’re balanced for lvl15 instead of 19 or 20.


Well there was a very short lived bug with Necromancy on KoS that I stumbled upon. Was able to get enough extra souls to level him up to 19 in short notice. So I had that going for me, which was nice :wink:

I’m still planning on getting Necromancy for Valkerie, I want to see how a 3x team will stack.

Hydra and Orion are my current candidates for complete leveling. All three Hydra traits seem very powerful and Orion has Siege and True Shot.

And Goblin teams are even more ridiculously powerful now! Hobgoblin has three awesome traits, Shaman has that Marauder bonus and Curse, and Rocket has a red bonus.


I’ve noticed this as well. That Rocket’s last one, burns from skull damage… I’m betting that triggers off its ability as well. Seeing as Hunters Mark counts exploded skulls in the same way. That would be scary.


That may just be because more people have unlocked the Goblins’ traits first and we aren’t seeing the others emerge… In the last 24 hours Goblin teams have been 55% of my PVP battles (I am keeping a tally) - starts to raise variety and balance concerns again… let’s see how it develops - would be better when more varied line-ups can match the Goblins (and Dragons) for picking up team bonuses…


the only traited enemies I encountered were one Druid and two Skeletons. I think the druid is one of your guildies, @Jainus (esslee?)


I think the devs rely like goblins.