How is this Crimson Bat reaching that much magic?

I can only reach 11 true dmg with mine and I have the 4 magic kingdoms Max’d for bonus… how does he get 2 magic more ?

Both crimson bat is @ lvl 19 Legendary (max)

They probably 5* a couple of kingdoms so they got double the bonus.

@illusion, It’s possible for Bat to deal 15 damage.

Edited ~ Possible 16 damage, I forgot about another kingdom that offers magic that I don’t have to PL5 yet.

“Damn bats ruining my fun, hahahahaha” -joker

ive seen 18 magic bats at the start, with troop bonuses

I’m more then halfway Max’d on kingdoms but I do not have many troops of each kingdom… is that the problem why I’m not getting bonuses ?

Teams i somehow keep seeing through the lifetime of valk being around are soothsay/blue color cost card/valk/copy of blue color cost card. Sadly i want better than that but hey bats has gotta get magic somehow. Is it crazy (joker crazy) to put arcane on crimson bat?

Correct I was using stand alone stats, not kingdom bonuses.
@illusion. Crimson Bat comes from Ghulvania, you can get bonuses if you use other troops from that kingdom with Bat. I just made a line-up with four Ghulvania troops and it says that my Bat now does 17 true damage.
Also something to remember…once level 500 is reached we get an extra magic skill bonus (if that hasn’t changed since I reached it).

Thought that was only for the hero and not the troops.

@killerman3333, I was under the assumption that it applied to everything, you may be right tho.

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The lv 500 magic stat is for the hero only