An issue with Crimson Bat

I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this earlier but my CB is now only hitting for 17 true damage. The only reason I bring this up is it used to hit for 19 and i’m not sure when this changed. When i look at the card it says the base for magic is 1 and 4 for level (He is at mythic) and 8 for kingdoms. I’ve looked at the Gems of War database created by Lyya and it shows at mythic the card should be a 7 magic. I’ve looked at my CB on my andriod GOW and it has 1 base and 5 for level (It is only level 19, so one more when he is level 20).

If i’m seeing or thinking something wrong then I do apologize for this posting.

It sounds like you used to have a buff from completing the purple task, and now you no longer have that buff.

Fully completing the purple task gives you +2 magic for one week only.

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My guild has never completed any of the statutes, so that’s not it. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Not sure if this is happening all the time or occasionally, but if it is occasional, you may be facing an enemy with the cursed skill, which reduces a random skill by 2 points.

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Conversely, it’s possible that your Magic was Blessed when you first tracked your troop’s damage output. This trait will randomly give you two points in a skill, which is Magic roughly 25% of the time.


You can see here that my Crimson Bat is fully leveled and maxed out in every way possible. It does 19 damage but only because I have all magic kingdoms 5 starred(except for Silverglade) and we fully completed the purple task. Crimson Bat with all magic kingdoms leveled(except Silverglade which I know you do not have) only does 17 damage. Your Crimson Bat is doing normal damage.

Here it is in a match. 19 damage due only to having the purple task finished giving +2 magic.

So some other troop you are using must be buffing magic like Lyya said.

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Great ideas around this thread. Another idea, did you change a Class Perk, or change classes recently?

Haven’t changed any classes in the last couple of months. I still don’t know why on console it states on the skill tab that at mythic level I only show 5 base magic but on my tablet I’m not mythic yet but has a base of 6 with one more magic comming when he hits mythic. @HKdirewolf can you post a capture of your skill screens and I will do the same for console. It may just be a visual glitch but it’s driving me crazy.

Wait wait…are you playing two different accounts, one on console and one on Android?

Yes sir, the issue I’m seeing is on my XB1, I’ve saved screenshots just need to figure out how to access my one drive account to post.

Forgot to add all the pics, oops.

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I had to break out the tablet, couldn’t get the screen shots off of one drive with my xb1.

As you can see mine is only showing 4 for level.

I was basing my 7 magic off of this screen shot, at level 20 it shows 7 for magic.

tagging @Lyya so maybe she can explain it better to you. She’s helpful, sometimes.

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I’m not sure how to explain that. It’s not consistent with what I see on PC, which is to say that I see (for me) a base Magic skill of 3 (since I have +2 from the guild bonus) and +6 for level (which is consistent with the data on my site).

I suspect that there’s a difference with the values in Console vs. PC/Mobile, but I can’t state that with certainty since I don’t have access to the Console data.


Yeah obviously i’m on pc and see the same.

His obviously is completely different and i’m not sure why. +4 for max level is way off, and so i’m not sure how you’re even getting to 17 damage normally. Because 17 damage is the norm for me with only missing Silverglade 5 stars and subtracting the purple task completion.

Sorry, I can’t explain it either @Dogtag75

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I appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions on this matter but I’m going to have to call this game on account of rain, unless @Sirrian or @Nimhain has any other suggestions.

@Lyya Love your website, it is so very useful and I look forward to linking up my account.
@HKdirewolf @KrudlerTheHorse @RiverSong Thank you for your thoughts in this matter.

@Dogtag75 Any chance you can check whether the Base Skill part of the Skills section for ALL the skills syncs up with the info on Lyya’s site for the level 1 stats? If it is different, then it’s likely a case of the stats just being different for console. But if it’s the same then it’s possibly a bug? Unless console has a different leveling system, but the same base stats (which would be odd… but shrugs)

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I’ll check and get back with you.

My base reads as follows,
Attack +4
Magic +1
Shield +2
Life +7
These all match Lyya’s database but while watching each breakdown for magic scroll by they read.
Base +1
Level +4
Kingdoms +8
Ascension +1
Guild +0

After totaling the above I only count 14, so this must be a glitch of some type.

Crimson Bat’s spell is [Magic +1] according to So currently it should be doing 19 damage a cast with your images.

I’d submit a ticket to support then if you haven’t already.