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How can a Crimson Bat do 15 damage per enemy?

Am I missing something? I have my Crimson Bat and all the kingdoms with magic bonus leveled to 10 and my bat does 11 true damage to each enemy. Even if I were to ascend him to mythic, I’m pretty sure that would only add 1 magic, bringing him to a maximum of 12. What is voodoogrl doing to get all that extra magic? The 4th troop that can’t be seen is Giant Spider. All the troops are from different kingdoms and are all different classes. So there shouldn’t be any bonuses… and afaik there are no magic bonuses… So what gives??

Kingdom bonus gives +2 magic instead of +1 if the kingdom is at 5 stars.

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Mine has 15 Magic, so it does 16 damage:

1 for base skill
+6 for level
+8 for kingdoms (+4 for level 10, +4 for power level 5)
+0 for ascension

= 15 Magic


Crimson Bat’s Spell is Magic+1 damage to all.

Base at mythic is 7 magic
There are 4 magic bonus kingdoms
If you get 5 stars in each of those magic kingdoms, it would make +8.

7+1+4=12 damage per shot
7+1+4(2)=16 damage per shot maximum (if all 4 magic kingdoms are 5 starred)

EDIT: Damn Lyya, beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow I didn’t even know that was a thing… I have no chance at catching up with that lol… my highest is one silver star.

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Not a matter of catching up, Crimson Bat does require a fair amount of “buffs” to be in place before he/she really shines. There are a ton of other comps that you can use in the interim. I’ve only recently gotten 3/4 of my magic kingdoms topped out, and did very well before then.

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I’m not certain where the thread is on here, but a noble soul posted an excellent comp for newer players. It consists of the following: Ogre(traiting helps and is inexpensive), Boar Rider(traits are basically irrelevant), Goblin Rocket,(traits are incredible, but mostly the fire link one), and lastly I believe it was Alchemist(the fire match trait). Just beat them to death with the Ogre’s very strong attach and good body, while maintaining board control with the two goblins. I used this comp, as my primary comp for the first few hundred levels.


Do you only have the one Crimson Bat @ROFLance?

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Grats! I remember you only being a few (the annoying 10 points :rage:) away from your last one. Glad you got there. :slight_smile: Now if only Darkstone would get another troop. :cry:

I use from top to bottom:
Spring Imp (mainly to take skull damage and not absorb the subsequent troops mana… although I will use his attack when there are multiple skull matches on the board)
Crimson Bat (gaining 16 HP each cast helps keep the next 2 alive longer)

I’m working on leveling Moloch and Jarl Firemantle to see how they fit into the mix. I’ve lost quite a few PvP games because of Firemantle’s perpetual free turns with 4+ matches after creating 9 red and 9 yellow gems.

If you have 2 Crimson Bats you can always run;

Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat


Oh trust me, if I had 2 bats, I wouldn’t have Psion in my team.

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A speedy two-Bat team I’m using now for Explore farming:

Crimson Bat***
Crimson Bat***


Sadly given how many souls are needed, the lack of Valkyrie makes this unusable :frowning:

Depends on whether you need souls or fast wins more, I suppose!

Hellcat would help make it speedy… eventually… we’re still waiting on Blighted Lands much less its second event troop.

I guess Tyri could sorta fill in the gap. Low mana, colors don’t clash, and get what you need.

Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat

This works just as well as Tyri is more of a Mana targeter and hits like a truck.

Free, no-effort Maps are never a bad thing either.

Because true damage ignores armor it does make that worth about double normal damage. So 15 true damage to all enemies is really more like 30 normal damage to all. That’s over powered in my book. Either it needs to cost more mana to cast, be nerfed or let’s have a trait that deflects true damage to normal or weakens it.

Yeah, let’s nerf everything! :rage: