How is this a Bronze Task?

Considering there are now 3 Mythics in the kingdom alone.

And it takes a 100 Mythstones just for a chance to find the troop in Explore.

(Or be lucky enough to have one of the 20 opponents available in pvp each week on their defense)

Oh and the RNG “bad luck” streakiness always being in play. To make sure I have credibility. On my alt I’ve triggered a Mythic battle in Suncrest now 20 times. 19 times Phoenicia triggered, 1 time Quetzelma triggered and 0 times Zilopochtli.

And sure every task can be Rerolled or skipped for Gems.

But one has to wonder are the tasks going to be designed so that Reroll or use Gems are the only realistic choice due to relying on RNG on some tasks just to complete them.

How much longer before find a Nysha token is a bronze task?

Devs, my advice as someone who actually plays the game. All Mythic troops should be removed as a bronze task. Or bumped to at least to silver level.
Otherwise y’all really don’t have any idea how many battles are necessary for these tasks.

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I don’t know, I think this task is totally reasonable, especially since it is a troop that appears in the weekly guild event. It’s not a higher difficulty since Silver or Gold tasks usually require fighting a specific mythic or legendary 5 times. Between PvP defense teams, Suncrest explore, and the guild event there are many different ways to get this done.

If you get behind on campaign tasks, it could be a challenge, but seeing as how the campaign tasks are specifically incentivized for you to complete them the week they come out because they synergize with kingdoms/troops, then it is in the player’s best interest to keep up.


I don’t know what it’s like on PC but on xbox I encountered Zilo at least half a dozen times while climbing to tier 1 in pvp. We seem to have lots of players willing to help others out. My point is this is a super easy and quick task at least on xbox.

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PC/Mobile is similar. I’ve been seeing them all week, and have it on my PvP Defense team as well. Plenty of folks update their defense teams to make the campaign tasks like this easier to do.

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Actually, having this as a bronze task is preferable to silver if you think about it. If you are having trouble finding 1 then imagine 5. Also silver tasks cost more gems to skip.

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How many battles does it take to see it in this week’s World Event?

@Fleg and no it would still be find 1 of the troop. What you’re proposing is a Gold level at the very least.

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It only takes 100 to guarantee finding it in Explore, because you can restart your client before hitting “To battle” and then a new opposition team is composed when next you try.


I don’t see the big issue, you can easily get these targets via casual PVP, just refresh a few times until a team shows up.

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It’s a bronze task because when you start the world event you encounter a Zilo level 10, so easy to beat and thus that is a bronze task.
Also I wonder why someone who boasts to be the “proud owner” of AWR would even bother?
Even if it was a level 150 Zilo it should be a walk over for you…
Or aren’t you the “best” anymore? :upside_down_face:

This works?! You’re my hero.


It was an alt account…

It still requires that many Mythstones at the start @redmist. But also that’s what I “triggered” 20 times and still couldn’t generate a Zilo battle.

I finally gave up and just Rerolled the task.

Since many have mentioned pvp… Again it all depends on the player pool available to you. Just because Frank is in your pool doesn’t mean he is in mine.

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What kind of voodoo did you do to make the Zilo battle available in the first phase?

Keep in mind that doesn’t help those behind in the campaign either way because that event is over now.


You are showing a campaign task from this week and now you are showing the world event of last week. :thinking:
This weeks world event is “Witches Brew” and there I and every other of my guildies encountered Zilo right away

No it won’t appear in the world event, that was last week.

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No sir. You are mistaken. The campaign task is from last week.

There was an Arachnaean Weaver this week that was instantly available due to the World Event. And is readily available in pvp due to the meta.

Oh and AW is the only mythic troop in it’s kingdom. So that task is actually a Bronze task. 🤷

It was still the campaign event being discussed when I responded to the post. Reset for this week’s content had not happened yet, so I was correct in what I said.

I just reroll the kill x ones usually