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Bronze Tasks are a joke

Those bronze tasks are really a joke.
What the heck can end player do with souls when he has over 14 million of them, what can forging a summoning stone get me when I have all the troops? And those are only a few examples …
This is to crazy for words, so dev’s please try to make the tasks more suited.
Maybe an idea is to let the tasks go up in difficulty according the players level?
Otherwise put some tasks in there that are not so ridiculous. PLEASE

They made them the same for everyone, though, like the adventure board.

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You’re complaining that they’re too easy? That I didn’t expect :thinking:


Considering the terrible rewards for them, they should be very easy to complete.


I want them to be easy so I don’t need to spend much time on them. If you want hard then go do a level 500 delve without potions. You get bonus points for Pure Faction Team.

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I just want them to be actual tasks that I go out and do instead of asking me to just spend rare resources or skip by… spending rare resources. And also tasks that don’t include going out and gathering resources common that I can’t even spend more if I wanted to. “More suited” is actually a good word. “Difficulty” is not, because they don’t need to be more “difficult”, they just need to be a) actual gameplay and b) stuff that might be enjoyable.

The “easiness” of the tasks is actually an issue in this current system because of how you have to go back into the campaign window, back to the tasks tab, and click on a task to manually claim it to unlock the next one in the chain(as well as this being the only way you can even see what your next task is without spoiler data). Wouldn’t be an issue if you didn’t have to go through all the steps to unlock the next one and your current tasks were just visible somewhere on an easy pop out. I can’t overstate just how bad this flow is and how much it drags down every other entire system as a whole when it didn’t need it.


Everything in relative terms, of course. Campaign makes the whole game look bad already - or makes the whole game look worse, if we’re using my logic right.

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Yes there is a lot of wasted time jumping thru hoops and unfortunately they want money for that privilege if you want :joy:.

What kinda tasks you want?

Craft an Orb of Power

Disenchant all your extra mythic copies

Donate all of your gold to guild tasks

Complete a level 500 delve using only it’s faction troops.

Achieve rank 1 in ranked PVP


This. In addition to all the terrible choices we already knew about we also get extra annoyed by the super slow flow.
Yo devs! Maybe next time you can let us claim the task reward in the campaign menu, collect the stars in our mail and then go back to the campaign menu to claim those rewards.
Make sure to include 3 animations for each step of the way. Add another one if we are collecting only a single reward! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Tasks should absolutely be based on player’s level or collection size, with according difficulties. I don’t thinkbit’s impossible for the devs to code the system to fetch an individual players level/collection, and trigger the according set of tasks.

Like one set of tasks for newcomers/level 0-100/1-100 cards in collection, another for level 0-500/101-300 cards, another for level 500-1000/301-600 cards, and yet another for everyond above that.

The tasks that are now are trivial for everyone above lv1000, even the gold tasks. I’d gladly see more a lot more difficult tasks, that require a bit thinking, not just rolling gobtruffles in lv1 explores 100 times and presto.

They already do this for daily offers, so it’s absolutely possible.

True, but considering it keeps offering me the same useless crap over and over, I don’t think it works very well.

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