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How is this 31+ Mana?

Even if the double surge DID happen, at most that should be 24 mana. No idea where the phantom 7 mana came from.

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I just ran some tests on PC/Mobile to test how it works.
Complex patterns like this are obviously open to a bit of interpretation, so people may disagree with how we do this but here is OUR interpretation of that match.


  1. You get a 5-match for the L-shaped piece, which gives a mana surge
  2. The other bit is counted as a 3-match (not a 4 match, it won’t use any already-used gem unless it HAS to)
  3. That’s a total of 8 Mana, doubled for the surge which gives 16 Mana
    (confirmed to work)


  1. You get the 5 & 3 match above
  2. They both get +2 Mana for the banner
  3. That’s a total of 8 Mana, doubled for the surge which gives 16 Mana + 4 for banners (added AFTER the surge) which gives 20 Mana
    (confirmed to work)

So you’re seeing a bug for sure, which I’ve added to our bug list to be addressed by the console guys next week
My BEST guess at what’s happening is that you’re getting a double mana surge:

  1. 5 Mana for the L-shape + a surge
  2. 3 or 4 mana for the other bit (I don’t have the code in front of me to check it right now)
  3. Surge Chance is actually proc’ing on the 3/4 match and acting as a double surge
  4. +2 for your banner for both matches
  5. 5x4 + 4x4 (or 3x4) + 4 = 40 mana or 36 mana

That’s a funny one. What were you expecting to get and which banner were you using? I see you got 8 mana for a simple 3-match of yellow at the start, so you couldn’t have been using double-brown.

I’m still a little unclear on how it should be (or is) counting mana when you make something bigger than a 5 match. It must still be multi-counting matches when you make a block of one colour. I mean, you’ve got a T 5-match plus an L 5-match there (with overlap). I don’t honestly know what the right number should be, but to get to 31+, it’s got to be double surge-counting 2 5-matches. Or maybe 2 5-matches plus a 4-match with some surges?

What’s your take on it?

Edit - Sirrian jumped in while I was typing.


By “the other bit”, do you mean the extra black gem at the top right of that block after you count the L-shape? (Result should be the same whether you count a sideways T with an extra gem at the bottom).

Also, I’m not sure what you mean when you say that it won’t use any already-used gem unless it HAS to. For example, if you made a 3 by 3 block of one colour, my grade-school permutations would say that I’ve got nine 5-matches there: 4 L shapes centered in each corner; 4 T-shapes along each outside edge, plus one t shape running through the middle. Fair enough if I don’t get 90 mana plus banner and surge bonuses on that, but I’m not sure if one 5-match plus a bonus 3 is really fair either.

However it works is probably fine as long as the player and AI get the same treatment, but I’ve been curious about how it processes these things for a long time.

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Just curious. Why all the references about a 5 match isn’t it a T shaped 6 match?

Edit: never mind. re read Sirrians post.

I’m used to seeing this I guess. I have posted about this same behavior a couple of times. One awesome side effect it that you can finish the Task “Get 100 5+ matches” in 2-3 games (without dragging it out) simply using gem converting team.

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Honestly I was expecting Brown mana (not 31+) and an extra turn. I saw the move and made it without thinking.

Just got 20 mana in place of 10 on my 1st turn for my great maw with only a 5 brown combo with mana surge. No other combo made on top of board. No brown banner or brown bonus.
the 5 gem combo was 5 in horizontal line, no T or L shape.