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I’m using goblin on my team and it takes 6 green mana to power. Most of the time i have to make 2 matches of green gems to power it but occasionally i only make 1 green match and it is ready to cast. Is there a difference in the gems other than color?

Mana surge. Mana surge doubles the base Mana from the match.


Nope. Any time you make a three-gem match, you have a chance to get a mana surge, which provides three additional mana. This chance is based on your mastery in that color, taking guild and kingdom bonuses into account.

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Mana surge?

Edit: posted before i saw the explanation

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That makes sense. Thank you :slight_smile:


Also important to keep in mind is to select the appropriate banner. For example, when using the Bright Forest banner (+2 green, +1 purple, -1 blue) it works as follows:

3 green gem match, no Mana Surge = 5 mana (3 regular + 2 from banner)
3 green gem match, Mana Surge = 8 mana (3 x 2 regular + 2 from banner)
4 green gem match = 6 mana (4 regular +2 from banner). 4-matches cannot Mana Surge.
5 green gem match = 12 mana (5 x 2 regular + 2 from banner). 5-matches always Mana Surge.

Going by purple matches, exactly the same as above would be the outcome but with one mana less in each category (4, 7, 5, 11 mana respectively). While Blue, having a -1 from the banner, would be 3 less mana per the above calculations (2, 5, 3, 9 mana respectively).


That’s a lot to take into consideration. Thanks for the breakdown

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A green ++ banner, and first trait on the goblin (bonus mana from green matches) = one 3 match charge, even without mana surge.

Mana surge is random, if you have luck it hits often, otherwise can go long time without one.
With goblin’s trait and the banner, yo don’t need to rely on MS.

Worth naming that nature spirit (and all spirits) traits stack. So 2 goblins with the trait = +2 mana/match, 3 goblins = +3, 4 goblins = +4.

4 goblins with the trait, plus a green ++ banner = 9 mana/match 3. 16 mana with a mana surge.
So practically can charge 4 goblins with 2 match, if MS hits in.

Most people forget it’s there, but it’s been recently updated and there is a lot of good info on the game and game mechanics.

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