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how is it feasible to play over 100 doom battles per hour?

it’s 7 hours after reset and there are three gamers with over three hundred dooms. at at the least two video games in keeping with floor (that is so not going as to be impossible for all three), https://showbox.bio/ that’s 600 battles. in 7 hours, that’s eighty five battles according to hour, so every struggle (which include loading displays) is less than a minute lengthy. the pinnacle player with 378 battles would have needed to play 756 battles in 7 hours.

can each person enlighten me as to how this is viable? i thought i used to be quite short however even <25 level battles it changed into taking me ninety seconds to play, win, and share the scroll place.

i am hoping this isn’t always taken into consideration a name out as i’ve cited any names.

Tower of Doom leaderboards are guild based, not player based.
So 300 dooms done by a guild in 7 hours is highly feasible.
Since it isn’t ToD week on PC/Mobile, Xbox, and PS.
I assume you’re on the Nintendo Switch. If that’s the case then please change the category of the thread to “Gameplay Chat” (Nintendo Switch).