How is it possible to play over 100 doom battles per hour?

It’s 7 hours after reset and there are three players with over 300 dooms. At a minimum of two games per floor (which is so unlikely as to be impossible for all 3), that’s 600 battles. In 7 hours, that’s 85 battles per hour, so each battle (including loading screens) is less than a minute long. The top player with 378 battles would have had to play 756 battles in 7 hours.

Can anyone enlighten me as to how this is possible? I thought I was pretty quick but even <25 level battles it was taking me 90 seconds to play, win, and share the scroll location.

I hope this is not considered a call out as i have mentioned any names.


ToD leaderboard reflects a whole guild’s Doom count, not an individual player’s.

I’ll leave the OP up in case others want to make fun of me