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Miracle? I don't think so

Guys pls check scoreboard… we r 30h into the week and … leader has 300+ fights. (Good job :slight_smile: ) … but usually after few h we saw on scoreboard like hundreds of fight … maybe is just me maybe THIS week is a bit different (thx devs)…

He is putting in the time. He can grind 6hours + a day. 300 fights is about 600or so minutes which is about ten hours in two days. Miracle? I don’t think so. Dedicated? Most certainly.

That is obvious, curious is that this week we do not see 600 fights in 1 day … some was arguing that this is possible…

I was doing around 10,000 rating per day when I tried pushing for rank 1. No clue the exact number of battles that occured, but they were all 3 trophies. It took 8-12 hours a day to do that, but it was with the distraction of a wonderful audience that I kept showing builds and answering other questions to. :slight_smile:

Realistically, I would say 15k-20k rating per day could be done by someone who really wanted to do GoW all day long.

Agreed, doable once - or even for 1 week. Really can u make it 365 day a year ?

Agreed, doable once - or even for 1 week. Really can u make it all over 365/year? My point lasts weeks was different from this one, by a lot.