How is Emporer Khorvash not nerfed yet

Here me out…

Every card in this game…even OP ones like Mythics have a downside.
Kohorvash has none.

  1. His special completely drains 2 enemies and does TRUE damage…not just damage.
  2. All 3 of his traits are bad ass. Even mythics have a trait that is situational or weak.
  3. His mana costs is low for what it does
  4. He gets stats like a tank and boosts to put him where u would anyway.
  5. Hes OP even for a mythic…but hes legendary

His damage needs to be changed to normal damage or he needs to have his mana requirement be like these mythics that are 25+

With all the unecessary nerfs they do…why has this gone on for so long?

i think he needs to be buffed,i want his true damage to hit all enemies :sunglasses:



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Because he can be counter easily. Truly OP cards have no counters other then luck and prayers.

Another “Nerf Khorvash” thread.

Use true damage. Deny him out mana. Use Manticore. Use your own Khorvash and do all of these at once.

That’s all I can say. It doesn’t seem like the devs have any intentions to nerf him. I do, however agree with you. Khorvash needs to be nerfed. He presently is pretty much exactly a double Moloch with more usable colors and a better third trait. He has the same damage as a Moloch (unless that Moloch is draining 16-18 mana), but applies to half of the enemy team! One could argue that Moloch has the advantage of targeting, but there is a 50% chance that the target you want to hit gets hit anyway, because it covers half of the enemy team!

He can also be used with the single most popular mana generator in the game, Valkyrie!

Overall, I do agree with you. He does need a nerf. But, it seems that there is no intention to nerf him (to my knowledge) from the previous Khorvy nerf-threads. So, in the mean time, we just have to either use him ourselves or find a way to counter him.

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Mate if you let khorvash fire off twice to kill 2 of your troops, he is not your problem, your team is.


Against 2xmant bd and dB team if you are stuck choosing between khorvash and moloch you’d pick moloch every single time.

unless you play vs 2 x manti teams which have DB and BD hidden in 3rd and 4th spots exactly for that reason …

so lets focus on the right topic here :smiley: what Salibu wanted to say is - WE NEED MANTICORE NERFED (again, I’ll repeat what I said days ago, and what the forum in general seem to have concluded after days of debating, remove impervious, or remove empowered.).

The truth is, you don’t have to face EK in every second 3 trophy games out there, and as it was pointed out - you can actually counter him, in more than one way. Unlike manticore, tsk.

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naoo not my love manti <3

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No, it’s every second and not every third. Every team that’s not Manti/Manti DB BD has a Khorvash in it, unless you have forgotten what we were dealing with before that team.

You can counter Manticore by outplaying it, fairly easily. The only loss I have to Manti/Manti/DB/BD is because I accidentally took a Rowanne farming team into it. Khorvash’s hardest counter is Khorvash himself.

My defense team has no Manticore or Khorvash in it.


I do. Regularly. And I have yet to lose to you.

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Tick tock - RNGesus is just letting you get complacent

I’ll just take the two trophy match to go against you next time you show up. Give it time.

Its a good question. I think because EVERY SINGLE ability/trait/stat EK has is like a 4 out of 5. So nothing completely stands out as OP, but taken all together it obvious he way too good and one of the best troops in the game.

Only nerf that wouldn’t destroy EK as a troop would be decreasing his skull reduction from 50% to 25%.

Bunni’Nogs loves Emporer Khorvash! Nom Nom :sweat_smile: :grin:


he has no counter dedicated to him.
mana draining & mana denying can be applied to every unit as a ‘counter’ in that manner, thats not a counter to this particular unit, thats just a way to stop any unit

and there is still no way to counter getting mana drained as in to prevent it :disappointed: i need a drain-immunity trait please :sob:

Bunni’nog, giant toadstool, gob chomper, gnoll, amira, any silence or mana drain troop. These are not what i would call dedicated counters, however they do a good job of trying to do something, gnoll being really strong against khorvash


ill accept amira and… gnoll :joy:
but those are offensive counter-attack troops

there is no counter-defense troop/mechanics

what i mean is for most of more bothersome mechanics we have a trait that prevents from them so some troops can just be and already making the other troop not so op

like if u face high attack troop u place gorgotha there and its countered
when u face devour u put indigestible/impervious
when u face mana burn u put on mana shield, etc

im missing that for mana drain immunity :angry:
(also trait redirecting true damage into normal damage, or halving it or totally immune to it would be really cool)