Emp Khorvash - Full Mana Drain

After facing my brazilianth team with Emp Khorvash somewhere, it occurred to me that he missed the new design philosophy of mana drains taking 7 mana and not the uncapped full drain… and for that matter Famine. Emp Khorvash is already an extremely powerful troop, as evidenced by him having a slot in just about every composition, there isn’t a counter to having your mana drained, currently, and much is the same with stat reduction (Famine). Can we not have something done about this? Make PVP more interesting, rather than hoping that the PC doesn’t manage a connect-4 before you can manage to crank off your combo. Stun on connect 4, 50% skull damage, full mana drain, true damage, AoE, and a great body, Emp. Khorvash is pretty over-tuned right now.

Also, for the legendary feeling legendary argument, that is a poor a stance at best, Orion doesn’t feel legendary and having even three of the above attributes would make Emp. Khorv much better than almost all other legendaries as it is.

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Well emp khorvash is a legendary and famine a mythic…the others that only drain part of the mana are of lesser rarity.


Amira is an epic and eats Emperor Khorvash for lunch…literally.



She might be the next Tap Madl :grinning:

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I think the Legendary standard should be like the Emp Khorvash, Bone Dragon, KOS, Maw, Mab, Jarl, Behemoth and some of the new Dragons. I really hope most of the other Legendaries will get a little rework later to reach the standard, one barely sees them in play. And that is strange since they are all Legendaries and should be among the best troops in the game. I mean it is okay to have a few medicore Legendaries, but currently we are not taking about a few medicore Legendaries.


Actually, that only applies to Spirit Fox and Manticore.

Other troops that still drain all mana:

DRACOS 1337 and Succubus drain an amount based on their Magic.

:musical_note: One of these things is not like the others :notes: The Keeper’s spell is good, at least in the control of the player, but his traits are… arguably pretty terrible for a legendary.


I agree, that his 3rd trait could be better, but he is still among top 10 of Legendaries, I think.

While he is certainly powerful when used in attacking teams I rarely have any issues defeating teams with him in them. To me that means he is fine as is but to each their own. :slight_smile:

Can drain my mana anytime.

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Suggested nerf:

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Queen Khorvash

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