Emperor Khorvash - Yes....its one of these

Honestly, why are the devs continuing to ignore this?
This card single handidly, if fully traited and leveled, can dismantle literally any team you throw at him if the AI gets 1 or 2 - 4 gem combos.

How can a card exist in a game intended to have some balance that literally:
Tanks better than everyone (minus 1 card)
Is encouraged with better stats to put in front row.
Does True Damage
Has low Mana Cost
Has the most popular mana color that syncs with the most popular cards
Stuns everyone on the other team the whole battle.

Everyone keeps saying he can be countered…lol…every card can be countered if you get lucky cascades. As it stands now, its insanity.

Change True Damage to Reg. Damage…lower stats…raise mana cost…
For the love of Pete…something…

But acting like hes not OP for a non Mythic even is ridiculous.


Hey I hear ya, but relax. :+1:

If they’re addressing Bone Dragon, I gotta think Khorvash is on their radar.


im with you, i actually hate EK more then BD

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The only change I wanna see with Khorvash is rasing the mana cost from 14 to 18, everything else is fine where it is.

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No way. Just, no. No way.

Actually this week I look forward to EK teams. Minogor just shreds him. :wink:


it is probably coz i play sylvanimora a lot and im still in mid-game -ish team score-wise

i can kill EK as well as BD but the time either of them casts i hate ek effect more

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I use Minogor AND Sylvanimora.

so i do :slight_smile:

lol might u be also using DS and venbarak there? XD

Use Amira. One shot kill every time. I mean, her whole story is that she is a deadly assassin sent to kill Emperor Khorvash.

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Amira has virtually no use in an end-game team, though. She’s essentially there SOLELY to counter Khorvash. We want troops to have utility but not that specific.


Amira can obliterate any troop that uses blue mana, which makes her effective against EK, Mab, Behemoth and a host of others. Although I see your point, she’s not just an EK killer.

So do I, but honestly Bone Dragon is more of a problem at the moment. However, see htismage for my thoughts on this.[quote=“htismaqe, post:2, topic:18512”]
If they’re addressing Bone Dragon, I gotta think Khorvash is on their radar.

For my suggestion on Khorvash, you can see that here

Khorvash is strong. Yes. I have been saying “NERF KHORVASH” for ages. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Hell, I still have more trouble against a Khorv than a BD, but that’s for team composition reasons.

However, I wish to address something specific you said.

Counters that don’t involve cascades:

Spirit fox
Khorvash, himself
Wraith, Lion Prince, Moa, Wandering Monk, or Rock Troll with skull spam
Impervious tanks
For about a week, I would have said Golem, but that was ages ago.

Non-troop-based strategies:
Deny his mana colors
Put your caster in slot three
Use cheaper mana generation
Choose your banner more carefully

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Who’s using blue mana?

I see the following troops 90% or more of the time:

Bone Dragon
Infernal King

Outside of Khorvash, there’s zero blue there, thus Amira is largely useless. I’m not even seeing the Justice teams anymore. It’s pretty much Courage and Bone Dragon again.

Mab should be on that list.


I honestly don’t see her that much, at least I haven’t recently. I saw her and Justice paired up a lot there for a while but it’s been a couple weeks since they were frequently in the rotation.

That’s because it SUCKS on defense. [quote=“htismaqe, post:14, topic:18512”]
Amira is largely useless

Some people build specific teams to counter things that they have trouble with. This is one of those cases.

Also to add to my list of counters

Archer hero

Congrats, you just won turn one and don’t need to counter him because you’re beyond the point of needing to worry about opposing teams! Yay, cynicism!

The team isn’t a defense team and anyone who uses it as such deserves the fate of a million Bone Dragons. It’s an invading team, and it’s stupidly broken.


I do. I’m using one troop in defence so maybe that moves me to a different tier. Mab/valk/justice teams still quite common.

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I build to fight specific teams too. And the vast majority of my matches contain zero blue troops so Amira is useless.

I imagine she’d be really killer in the mid-game.

what u just said:
mana drain it
stun it - that doesnt counter his spell which is main problem
death mark it
skull spam it

  • seriously?

added up with the below there is none counter on any unit dedicated for his spell mechanic.
every single of the ones you listed work for nearly every troop, so like its saying “win the game to win the game” oh ya…

the only true (defensive) counter will be when there is unit that can be resistant or immune to mana draining (or true damage) AND gets stunned away from that resistance at least not before EKs damage is calculated (preferably doesnt get stunned from it by EK at all, but that might be problematic)

the offensive counter would be something like amira but i hope you agree that offensive counters are not really a cool way to deal with it.

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