EK needs a nerf

  • Saw like 3-4 topics that request his Nerf and people shouting for him to be reworked or adjusted he is by far the Best killing machine in Game for a legendary unit with such small mana pool .

  • But my Question is : what is he exactly ??? a Tank a Dps a CC WTF is he supposed to be !! cause he is the Best in all 3 nothing nothing compares to him with True Dmg + Full mana drain + stuns for 2 units.

-people keep saying there are ways to stop him … thats not a logical solution we need a fix a Balance rework. to bring him back to earth with the other legendary units .


They did that already! If they Nerf him again he will be worthless! I hardly ever see him myself! Justice on the other hand is a different story!


The Khorv nerf threads will never die! Muahahahahahahaha!

I made a huge thread about this a while back. Like, a WHILE back. Probably before you started playing. I might go look for it if asked nicely.

Tl;dr though, he’s not getting nerfed.


Oh my god, I’m saving that one to the archive of forum quotes I have.

“There are ways to stop him is not a logical solution”

He has counterplay. That is called balance. Is he over the power curve of most legendaries? Yes. Is he out of control? Only if you don’t know how to play against him.


This forum needs to nerf the whiners.


Khorvash is fine where he is, he’s already been buffed in the past, he doesn’t need anymore buffing or nerfing at the moment, maybe just raise his mana cost to 16 but that’s it.


Sziasztok van itt magyar aki jönne egy új magyar klánba?

It’s been said elsewhere, by multiple people, that mana drainers in general are under-valued. EK is definitely included in this group.


Khorvash is fine.


I remember the times when I had troubles against Korvash.

This is all about the scaling curve. People with lower stats will struggle by a huge amount against this troop. Once you get your stats, he is no longer a threat.
I remember the same when I was fighting Famines. They always one-shotted me. After a month or so I finished my kingdoms. Famine always kept my troop at around 12 HP - and I was able to play further.

The same applies to Korvash. He isn’t seen much later in the game.
Yes, he is strong. But not as strong as to nail him down. There are troops in much worse need of balance cavalry.

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STOP nerfing all the decent troops,these troops are there to make the game a challange in early game and late,everyone over lv1000 has been through it big time,this is the point of the early game,TO MAKE IT A CHALLANGE TO BEAT!(ah how i loved the early days game. lol.)



There is nothing wrong with EK. Troops are only a problem when you don’t have them yourself :+1:


Please don’t nerf him anymore,i’m already switching up guild war teams enough!


If something he needs a buff i dont use him anymore, he was my first legendary o and how fun he is. I would like to use him again. Nerf? Noooope.

Maw, IK, Sheggra and mercy they were more hard to beat that a EK team.


The problem is people don’t wanna waste time switching up their attack team, and then lose.
Korvach, like Kraken or Scale Gard, are easily managed by just switching your team order.

I think Krystenax, Forest Guardian and Valkyrie are way more dominant in the Meta atm.


It’s not that I don’t want to waste time switching teams, it’s that I enjoy using them.

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One troop who:

  • drains fully two troops
  • can two-shots two troops
  • stuns two troops
  • for 15 mana
    is too good compared to the other Legendary troops.

I also like this troop and use it so I don’t want it nerfed. But, EK is too strong compared to other troops and he should have the same nerf than Manticore: reduce the manda drain to only a flat 7 mana.

You just stop giving them ideas, how about famine only take half too while we are at it.

Nice idea :slight_smile: . I agree with you and Famine should drain only 7 mana :stuck_out_tongue: .

But here you compared a Mythic with a Legendary.
Why not comparing with Psion who do less damage (17 true damage versus 24 true damage) and only drains 7 mana to all troops (which is a huge advantage). Oh and no Stun and same mana cost.

He steals all mana with a skull bash. Up to 25 from a mythic, that’s powerful.