EK needs a nerf

How about making every troop do the same as all other troops! Just make them look different! One can be a cat and one can be a bat with the only difference being their picture! Would that make you happy? Would you still play?

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I think turintour is right this game is too hard


As usual here, players don’t want to discuss about balance, but just keep their troop as powerful they are…

Honestly, I will prefer that devs boost troops better than nerfing them, but it’s way simpler to nerf some troops than boost a lot of troops.

And Khorvash stuns on skull which is not that useful, but is nice compared to other Legendary’s 3rd trait. <- wrong thanks @Santandrix

I think Psion’s 3rd trait also need a nerf and should drain only 7 mana :wink: (I already have the “f*cking-nerf-guy” hat so let’s continue in this direction). You see now everywhere Psion only because of this trait and with the cascade boost for the AI, it’s so often that Psion drains with a lucky drop…

Koevash is stun on 4 or 5 match not skull, you are thinking of a few other troops.

What cascades?? :stuck_out_tongue:
You must be imagining it cause apparently they don’t exist. :joy::roll_eyes:

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I don’t want to sound… condescending (?) to OP and all the others that have been asking for nerfs right and left, but: Have all of you suddenly realized the perfect way to balance the game, by nerfing certain troops, or are we seeing an underlying symptom of the “Ultra-Speed” feature wich is simply the fact that people playing faster are usually reckless on their decisions?

I’m not trying to accuse anyone of being plainly bad at this game, but something i noticed with my personnal experience using the Speed Feature is how poorly i make some decisions recently. The battles are rushed and sometimes i just miss out a good move here and there. So now i’m using the feature in less important battles like Explores and such. But on GW, where results matter a little more, i play on normal speed taking my time trying to figure out better moves and paying much more attention…

Maybe this is, at least one, cause for the “Back to the Nerfuture” threads complaining again against Queen Mab, Khorvash and such… Just a thought.

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I was only joking about the nerfs, I am good with all the troops but justice league.


Here we go again… EK was mildly nerfed a while ago… he’s still well above the power curve, but recent releases suggest power creep is very much a thing and he stands out less than he did… I still think he either needs reduced mana drain or non-true-damage at that mana cost…


How about stop complaining about an easy to play game! Is that asking too much! You are going to lose some battles! That’s reality! If you want to win every time go play checkers with a 3 year old!

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id nerf his mana drain from 2x “drain full mana” into 2x “drain x mana” (for example 2x drain 15 mana) but…

i think it wont be necessary since we will get a manadrain immunity trait eventually? i hope sooner then later :slight_smile:


He’s fine as is. I hate the word nerf and the calling for it in any game. Let the developers “balance” their own game they see multiples of the data and metrics any small group or clan here will ever and they best know how to tweak or balance it most cases. That said EK is fine the troops that are in need of a balance have already been acknowledged by the dev’s in other threads.

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No he does not need a nerf.
No we do not need another nerf thread

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He is on the “above average” end on the spectrum, compared to duds like Mongo.
But don’t forget, his spell can’t be aimed and so is a lot weaker then a directed mana drain.

A predictable troop is a lot easier to deal with

im all for balancing troops, but i would much rather make some of the weak troops usable. They have been doing a better job at doing that. Orcs are better, and dwarves. Id say goblins and Giants need some help


Goblins are actually fine where they’re at, they’re still very popular among early to mid game players.


I like EK. EK means I can get a 3-match in between the endless cascades into explosions into cascades.


I once lost a match to Mab! Her mana burn took out all 4 of my troops at once! Nerf her so that doesn’t happen to me again! I don’t like losing matches or troops so I will make a list of all the troops that beat me so they can get a Nerf! I fully expect to win every match with all troops intact! Otherwise the game is just too hard!


How many accounts do you have @rojo and @Rojo1?

I have just one!

I have lost more matches to Mab than I have to Khorvash. Know what has killed me more often than either? Greed.

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