EK needs a nerf

Nerf Greed!


Make a troop named Greed then nerf it!


Hey everyone, just popping in to let you know that we have no plans to nerf EK at this time. He already received a nerf in the past and we are happy with him as he is at the moment.


Oh thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster! @Saltypatra may his noodly appendage grace thee upon thy brow!


pass the fork please

  • wow so many love the unit to the point of defending it that hard… the Nerf of any unit comes down to strength and synergy

  • is there any unit in the legendary and below stronger then him ? Does he synergies in any formation ?

  • see since he is this strong you can select him for any type of situation and it will work… making strategies revolving around him only .

  • its not a 1 unit Game the prob with EK is his synergy with other formation …EK alone you might be able to handle him but put him in the mythical formation of ( Queen mab - valkyrie - justice - EK) if they full traits don’t know what you able to pull out of your hat to stop them. …or put him in any brown making formation and look how fast you reck things.

  • am already using him and still think he is just toooo strong for what he is . and if the Dev’s are happy with him like this at least they check on posts to notice concerns maybe if not now but in the future they will address him .

protect emporer khorvash

As I said earlier we have no current plans to tweak Khorvash after his previous nerf. However, we are always working on balancing troops internally and are doing our best to keep every troop in line. :slight_smile:


Agree either nerf EK or the formation he synergies with Specially Queen mab… tweak there traits or some thing there is no reason for them to have both stun and Freez on the same 4-5 matching.

  • the formation does so much for so little .

You talked about this nerf?

First nerf don’t change anything to the real issues (high damage/drain).
Second one has been invisible.

Moreover, you forget about the nice boost he gets recently… Okay I troll as apparently it’s a bug :slight_smile: .

It’s not what we saw with the last released troops (Wisp and Dwarven Gate)… Does it mean that the similar troops will get a buff (War Sphinx and Fortress Gate)?

@Turintuor, Khorvash is a very used troop, yes, but we do not feel that he is overpowered. He is a strong mid game troop that isn’t favoured as much end game, much like Bone Dragon.

And yes, we are always doing internal balancing. It’s also a matter of when we release updates, etc etc, in order to release buffs or nerfs. Ideally, we tried to avoid nerfing troops unless absolutely necessary as many players invest significant resources into their favourite troops. This is also why we offer refunds when we do so.

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My 2nd point was more about: why releasing troops that does much more than existing troops for the same mana cost? Did you release these new troops with in mind a buff for the existing ones?

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You’ll be wanting kraken nerfing next… Ffs. Ek is fine. He’s a very strong legendary. Some of the mythics on the other hand…? Draakulis, war, death.

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I don’t understand why these threads go on for so long, he’s not getting changed, so deal with it!


Oh that reminds me. Did BD ever get that nerf that was being talked about ages ago? A cap on his skull generation I think it was? Just curious.

There is now no Bone Dragon after the Great Bone Dragon nerf of 2017… :pensive:


Praise be!