Bearded Lady And Troop Changes

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But wait, she doesn’t have a beard…

New Troop: Lady Ironbeard

After saving the life of the Dwarf King, and being named as his personal bodyguard, Lord Kegni Ironbeard set out to revitalize his clan (recently renamed from the Stonebottoms to the Ironbeards). As part of his plan, Kegni decided to take a wife.

Now Kegni was the talk of the Dwarven Halls, and he courted many beautiful highborn Dwarven ladies, with beards almost as thick and lush as his own, but none of them stirred his blood. One night, sitting alone in a tavern deep within Karak Khaziel, having drowned his sorrows at the inability to find a wife, he was awoken from his stupor by an ugly lass with barely any fuzz on her face.

“What do ye want?” burped Kegni.
“I’m wonderin’ why ye’re so unhappy, ye miserable great oaf,” she replied.
“Ye wouldn’t understand, girl” he said.
“Try me!” the girl responded. “And me name’s Brakha, not ‘girl’.”
“Do ye even ken who I am?” he slurred. “I’m Lord Kegni Ironbeard. And I’m havin’ a wee drink, 'cos I canna find a wife.”
“Well it’s nay wonder with that sour look on yer ugly face” she quipped.
Kegni was Furious!
“Ugly face?” he cried, lurching unsteadily to his feet. “That’s a bit rich comin’ from a homely lass with nary a beard hair on her OWN face!”

That was when Brakha hit him square in the nose with his own shield.
When Kegni woke up, he was smitten.
And the rest, as they say, is history.

Troop Balance Changes


  • Mana cost reduced from 22 to 20
  • Spell Base damage increased from 3 to 5

Emperor Khorvash

  • Stoneskin trait changed to Armored
  • Mana cost increased from 14 to 15


  • Mana cost reduced from 17 to 16
  • Spell Base damage increased from 5 to 8

Keeper of Souls

  • Mana cost reduced from 16 to 15


  • Boost Ratio increased from 2:1 to x1


  • Changed random damage to scale at both ends by magic. This means that the lower damage amount will also scale with Magic, not just the high damage amount.
    (Like the change last year to Berserker’s spell)


  • Spell Base damage increased from 4 to 6
  • Mana Drain to all enemies increased from 5 to 7


  • Boost Ratio reduced from x5 to x4

Shadow Dragon

  • Boost Ratio increased from 3:1 to 2:1

The Silent One

  • Mana cost reduced from 16 to 14


  • Spell Base damage increased from 2 to 4
Planned Troop Changes coming in the Future We had two other balance changes we wanted to make today, but they're both going to need to wait for the next game client update.

Bone Dragon
Bone Dragon is going to get a change where the maximum armor he can strip is limited to a certain value. He’s the ONLY troop in the game whose gem creation has no limit, and we NEED to place a limit on him now, as numbers in the game evolve and grow larger. This change is aimed at leaving him extremely useful to low-to-mid-level players, while stopping the board simply filling with skulls at higher levels. He may also get a 1 point spell cost increase. We’re still testing the numbers.

Gloom Leaf
Gloom Leaf is getting a buff, which will make him quite a dangerous tank. However, we don’t want to relase the buff until Bone Dragon’s change is live, because they synergize together a little too well.

Troop Refunds

The following troops will be available for refund until next week’s event:

  • Emperor Khorvash
  • Ranger

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Lots of changes…

Not sure, except for EK and maybe Moloch, that they’ll have too much impact on gameplay.

The upcoming ones however…

(At least @DonBoba can re-examine whether Draakulis is useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Nice! Looks like legendaries are getting a much needed balance.


Its something at least.

Also BD nerf cannot come to soon.


Wow, so much troop balance.

I wonder if Silent One is viable again, muahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the light touch on the balance changes. I do wonder why Keeper of Souls’ mana cost was rebalanced without making his trait 100%, though, since that is another thing that is really hurting his usage in more niche teams.

I really really hope that change on The Silent One doesn’t make him more popular. During his heyday, he was already one of the most irritating troops in the game due to his level of stalling and I’m in no hurry to revisit that era. Of course, he also fully drained mana back then, but on average, turns also changed hands a lot more. There are also still no Alert or Impervious troops that can cleanse (not since Herdmaster was nerfed).


These balance changes are quite appreciated.
Can’t wait to see those obnoxious Bone Dragons go back to the museum they belong to !

wha’ts new on console this week ?

I think that maybe Venoxia and Psion could still get a slightly extra buff, maybe adding an extra effect that is more conditional as removing buffs and such, but maybe it’s still too early for that as we don’t have a lot of those for now.

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She look like Ygritte in Game of Throne

Nice changes! I wish Famine were a liiittle bit nerfed as well. Maybe in the future… :wink:


Can’t wait to see the changes to my pal Gloom Leaf.


Love the changes, happy that devs took our ideas into consideration :slight_smile:


Changes look excellent overall, although if I had to pick holes…

  • Courage is still fairly ridiculous
  • Khorvash could totally cost more, it can two-hit two troops depending on the troops
  • Famine… jesus, anything, ideally cost back up to 24
  • Hydra’s legendary trait
  • Venoxia’s identity crisis (the jack-of-all-trades thing, not the used-to-be-male thing, can fix that too though)

Song of the Week: The Beards - All The Bearded Ladies

Little surprised about ek. Thought the devs would of swung the hammer a little harder then that.


Yay a good dwarf unit!

Please have a way to make my dwarf hero actually be a dwarf. Could make a great all dwarf team

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We get the Pridelands event this week were we get two new troops, Sunsail and Tuskar.

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lol, why the hell wasn’t Famine nerfed? It’s more OP than a lot of (if not all) the other troops that got nerfed. What was the logic here?


I have my Silent One ready with level 19. If he’s viable again. Alchemist, Humility, Silent One is going to come back and I’m going to aid in that

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