Bearded Lady And Troop Changes

Yeah I still don’t understand how Famine at 20 mana happened

Because if every troops get nerfed the midgame/endgame players will NEVER lose a single PvP…


Well, only two troops were actually nerfed, with Bone Dragon next in line on the hitlist.
Not to say Famine isn’t in need of a change to make him more evenly compared to his Apocalyptic brethren.

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Don’t you be spreading lies and fallacies and falsehoods on this here forum.


HAROLD: Did you read the book I recommended you the other day?


I do rather say that they should make the 3 other Apocalyptic troops stronger, than nerfing Famine…

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Used to be 24 cost and 1:1 ratio. They buffed him to 20 cost and 1:2 ratio… at the same time…

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I must admit that I am not a fan of the Nerf of Emperor Khorvash. I never use him or have him in defense team, but he was one of those troops that could stop my team from surfing while I was invading, and now he is getting nerfed…I mean, arent we supposed to lose a few games on weekly basis, too? Is losing not a part of the game? Next change will be BD, that will surely means that midgame to endgame players will mostly never lose a game, unless RNG is skyhigh, 1 in 1000 games…

Thank you to all you that was screaming nerf, well done!

Other than that, I am very happy with the love some of the other troops got. :slight_smile:


Losing part of the game?

Wait til the boys hear about this one. BlackRhino-“LMFAO”


You could not possibly have found a more annoying GIF… :confounded:

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In all honesty though I agree with you. I think that’s why they only gave EK a little tap instead of a full-blown nerf. Overall it won’t change much, it just added a weakness which is good.

But you know that this argument was brought up before in all those threads about making the game easier. Overall I don’t think this brought him into balance like some people wanted. I wasn’t one of them, so i’m happy about it. By all accounts he’s still a strong troop.


And now ppl are screaming about that the Devs should nerf Famine as well.
A troop I rarly use or have in defense, but that SOMETIMES is able to create the
invades a little difficulty and interesting for me and makes it worth playing the game.


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They need to leave famine alone.


I don’t give a Damn what happens to Famine. What I do want is a Buff to Death and Plague. Don’t fear the Reaper is true no one fears Death. Give that poor guy some form of love


I don’t know, I use death at the top level completely maxed and overall I like where he’s at. He can come in clutch at the right times.

I’m not saying he couldn’t be better obviously, but he feels balanced to me.

Plague though, that’s a different story completely. No one fears that guy. Kinda sad.

If I see Plague or War on defense I breathe a sigh of relief, but if I see Death or Famine i’m on pins and needles. :sweat_smile:

Not because they’re op of course, but because of the unpredictability.


The world has evolved and there is too much medicine going around, making Plauge’s job impossible. Run into Plauge? Just take some antibiotics! :stuck_out_tongue:

In seriousness though, I think this patch does show us an insight into the Dev’s thought process on all this. They’re more interested in providing buffs to troops than nerfs. All the buffs that went out were all to Legendaries that have been on the under-used side of things lately (Barring Ranger, but he was probably too powerful for his rarity level at low levels of play), meaning they’re hoping to see a little less of Korvash (though not make him irrelevant) and hopefully see more of the lesser used Legendaries. And while Bone Dragon is getting a nerf (with reasoning included, being the only uncapped gem spawner in the game). we’re also seeing what could be quite a large buff to Gloomleaf, which is another legendary the community has been calling for a buff for for a while. My guess is we’ll see more patches like this in the future, slight nerfs to over used troops, with lots of buffs/balances to under used troops.


Yeah and I think that kind of goes into what @Eika and all of us have been saying, more buffs. The game is already too easy, and nerfs will not fix that problem. Right now you can count on one hand how many troops give you issues in pvp sometimes, that’s not enough. So personally i’m glad they’re taking this route.

This doesn’t mean we want op troops, not at all no one wants that, but we do want something that gives us resistance.


I feel like Death should be a true DPS dealer. And Plague severely needs some love it’s like the remaining two horsemen have gotten no love. And if Death needs to get the mana cost reduced to 20 instead of 24

Well this clearly shows they’re listening to player feedback, so keep hope they might agree with you. :slight_smile:


Fingers Crossed

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