CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes

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Welcome to Console 2.2…

New Event System

There are 3 types of Events that can be run. They may be available all at once, or at different times:

Troop Bonus Events:

  • Troop Skills get increased by 25%
  • These events can be based on either Troop Type (like Knight or Dragon), or Troop Kingdom (like Khetar or Adana), or both!
  • The Skill Bonuses will apply to all game modes including the Arena
  • When multiple Troop Bonus Events are run at the same time, the bonuses will stack.

Bonus Resource Events:

  • Using a combination of either Troops, Troop Types, Troop Color, or Troop Kingdoms, construct a team that rewards bonus resources at the end of a victorious battle.
  • These events will sometimes apply to specific game modes and difficulties.

Collection Events:

  • Complete specific objectives such as: Killing enemies, killing troops of specific types or kingdoms, summoning troops, or playing treasure maps, to earn points.
  • Based on your point total, collect rewards for the event as you progress. Each event may contain up to 6 rewards.

New Shop Items Several new bundles have been added to the Store:

Growth Packs

  • These packs give rewards for reaching certain levels in the game.
  • They may only be purchased once.
  • They will give appropriate rewards instantly, if purchased by a player who has already achieved some/all of the levels.
  • There are 2 types of Growth Packs: Growth Pack I & Growth Pack II

Growth Pack I:

  • Costs $30 and contains $150 value of rewards
  • Gives rewards at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
  • At level 50 gives a bonus random Legendary troop

Growth Pack II:

  • Costs $50 and contains $250 value of rewards
  • Gives rewards at levels 50, 75, 100, 125, 150
  • At level 150 gives a bonus random Mythic troop

Path to Glory

  • Path to Glory Packs are 30-day subscription packs, that can be purchased once per month
  • Players may purchase both subscriptions at the same time if they want
  • There are 2 types of subscription packs: Path to Glory I + Path to Glory II
  • These packs may be repurchased once they expire.
  • You will not miss out if you do not collect them on consecutive days (i.e. if you have collected the Day 5 Reward, and you miss 2 days’ play, then when you log in, the pack will continue from the Day 6 Reward, running all the way up to Day 30).

Path to Glory I:

  • Costs $15 and contains $75 value of rewards
  • Each day gives random consumables (Gems, Gold, Souls, etc)
  • On day 30, gives a random Legendary Troop

Path to Glory II:

  • Costs $50 and contains $250 value of rewards
  • Each day gives traitstones
  • On day 30, gives a random Mythic Troop

VIP Bundle

  • $5 Bundle that gives 1 VIP key and a few miscellaneous consumables.
  • VIP keys can be used even if the player isn’t VIP 5.
  • Can be purchased 3 times per account.

Starter, Intermediate and Advanced Packs

  • New limited time purchases to help players through different stages of their quest
  • 2 bundles are available for each Starter, Intermediate and Advanced Packs
  • Each pair of bundles only last a single week
  • Each packs contain useful troops, armor, or weapons, as well as other miscellaneous consumables

Other Shop Updates

  • PlayStation Shop improvements
  • Shop should now be more responsive
  • Shop tabs have been reorganised to improve Shop layout
  • This includes Gold and Soul purchases now sharing a tab
  • Gem purchases of Gold and Souls now give significantly more rewards

Offer Menu
  • New all-in-one location to see any special offers and packs
  • Keep track of all your Path to Glory and Growth Pack purchases and progress

Upgraded Game Engine and Tools
  • Smaller game install size (we have reduced the overall game install down by a third)
  • Higher quality images
  • Performance improvements

New Achievements/Trophies
  • 10 new Achievements/Trophies to collect
  • Broken down into 4 categories from features added over the past 4 events
  • Hero Class Update
  • The Hero’s Journey: Equip any Hero Class
  • Professor Campbell Would Be Proud…: Reach 250 wins with a hero class
  • PvP Update
  • Champion of PvP: Reach PvP Tier 1 in a single week
  • Obtainer of Rare Antiquities: Explore any Kingdom
  • Counselor: Train any troop to level 20
  • Guild Update
  • The Emperor: Capture 20 kingdoms
  • Team Synergy: Complete all guild tasks in a single week*
  • Event Update
  • I’m Not Scared Of The Boogeyman: Complete all progress events in a single week
  • Hordemaster: Unlock 100 different troops
  • Game Breaker: Unlock the Troop “Mongo”

Minor Features

Chat Menu

  • Chat will now reconnect automatically if disconnected from the chat server
  • Chat now saves the last used global room
  • Chat can now be closed during loading


  • Difficulty levels are now locked until a certain level is reached
  • Icons have been updated


  • Opposing team list spell images are flipped to match the rest of the game
  • Treasure Hunt now displays number of turns taken and runes gained
  • Ascending troops now allows ascending multiple rarities at once
  • All training battles no longer require a scouting cost
  • Mail items can now display more than 5 rewards
  • PvP Defense Team Gem Preference tab now scales the slider icon to show the effect

Balance Changes
  • Console players should now have all the troop balancing changes from the PC/Mobile 2.2 update and the Bearded Lady event
  • For more information, see the changes at the following links

Major Bug Fixes

Spell Fixes

  • Transform spells for opponents in non-PvP battles now no longer breaks the game
  • Scatter damage now calculates correctly when causing true damage
  • All boost ratios should now display the correct values
  • Soothsayers spell no longer hangs the game when there are no gems to target
  • Grand Inquisitor’s spell now works when a hero troop is in the same team

Trait Fixes

  • Traits which affect a troop’s life should no longer be activated once that troop is dead
  • Traits which give mana to itself/allies at the same time now applies the highest mana value
  • Devoured troops can no longer use their death traits twice
  • Devoured troops no longer cause the death trait to cast on a troop immune to devour
  • Troops can no longer gain life once they have reached 0 life
  • Gloomleaf’s third trait now no longer crashes the game on critical hits
  • Traits which adjust a random skill now clearly display that a skill with 0 points was targeted

Guild Menu

  • Guild stat bonuses now apply to the hero troop
  • Guild Member pop-up menu no longer appears off screen for members lower on the list
  • Guild Statue resource bonuses are now displayed in the bonus section on the world map
  • Guild Statue Treasure Map turn bonus is now updated immediately without requiring a restart
  • Team Player will now be awarded when entering the Guild Menu
  • Guild League tab should no longer lag when opening it the first time


  • Difficulty now changes the opponents stats correctly
  • Difficulty should no longer reset before starting an Arena match

Minor Bug Fixes
  • Changing guilds now updates the tabs of In-Game chat
  • Guild Statue bonus percentages are now being displayed on the world map
  • Boost ratio tip on troops will now display correct values for some troops
  • Chat can no longer be accessed from the engagement menu, causing the game to crash on rare occasions
  • Unlock list now displays the correct images and text for VIP and Subscriptions
  • Chest menu no longer displays extra troop cards in the Event Chests tab
  • Character Avatars no longer appear outside their card during battle
  • Task notification popup should no longer get stuck on the screen
  • Certain tasks now display progress when they previously displayed nothing
  • Opponent troop card spell images are now flipped to match the other items on the troop card
  • VIP and Subscriptions now show correctly in the Unlock List Menu
  • Kingdom power gold above power level 5 should now display correctly
  • Unlocking a new kingdom will now display the correct world conquered percentage
  • Chat menu should no longer display time stamps when chatting occurs in a different channel

Please note this Update only applies to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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I stopped playing on console due to work picking up, but I may have to go back and check out the changes. I might even be able to finally use the DK armor I bought :slight_smile:.

Oh and thanks for adding more achievements to get, very important to console players. :sunglasses:


The update should be available sometime tomorrow (01/03/2017 AEDT) on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



It gives me a reason to use my Xbox account a bit more now.

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THANK YOU DEVS for adding achievements!


Any official £ prices for new stuff? Can do a quick conversion but it doesn’t always work like that because of tax and rounding.

Finally the christmas gift is here the wait was long but now i’m very happy thanks for the devs for your work and your patience sometimes we players are usually never easy to support lol

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Thank you for updating us guys. I’m intrigued by the ‘improved display /images’ or however it was worded.
(musketeer changes into a completely different person when his spell is ready! Always wondered what was going on with that, but I imagine it’s an art issue rather than anything else).

Some achievement are not working

Equip any hero class
Obtain 250 win with any hero class


The update is out early Ricky?

I don’t know i logged in and got 3 achievement but i didin’t get any update notification

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Have you checked the details of the installed version of the game?

Its saying last update was january 24 so i presume we just got the achievement patch and will get the real update tomorow

Also i see 0,1% of people already unlocked mongo but it’s not release yet

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There is the Achievement list

same thing for me early in the morning

The 0.1% for mongo is probably the devs.

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Conplete all guild tasks in a single week? :fearful: Nope, that’s not going to happen in the casual guild I’m running…

How much gold is needed for that?

15-16m IIRC