How is "Breath of Life" supposed to work?


Emperina’s Breath of Life says:
Give an ally 11 life and attack, then cleanse and heal them.
And there’s no bonus from his traits.
So when he casts a spell, 11 life will be added to his original life points.

But how does it work if he’s damaged?

In one PvP when he’s the only troop left, I noticed after he cast a spell, his life became 69. Then he’s damaded and his life dropped to 25, while the following spell got him 76 life. How come?


Gives the troop 11 health then if they are still damaged then it will heal them completely.


Not exactly. “Giving life” means increasing the maximum life. So if she had 69 life after healing, got damaged (no matter whether it was only 1 point of damage or she was left with only 1 life) and cast this spell (with “gain 11 life”) she should have 80 life total. I guess you got one of the numbers wrong - if not then it was a bug.


Cleanse and Heal apply first, followed by giving 11 Life & Attack.

The text order may be wonky and imply differently, but that’s how it works.


Give, gain, receive, and all other forms of health adding raises an HP total of a troop.

Heal raises the current HP towards the HP total, but does not increase the total.

All forms of damage reduce the number towards 0, but do not reduce the HP total. There is currently no way to reduce a troop’s HP total.


Reading directly from the code of the spell, the spell has 4 steps.

1st step : cleanse target
2nd step : increase health by {magic}
3rd step : heals 100hp (no, not 1000, wich is the maximum, 100. I thought maybe it was a percentage, but looked the code of other healing troops and found out it wasn’t. Besides, it’s not the only spell healing 100 health when it’s supposed to heal to full, aka 1000. Abhorath heals 100 for example, while black beast heals 1000))
4th step : increase attack by {magic}

So, actually @Zelfore , heal doesn’t apply first, but, as @Tacet said, the spell adds to the total life, not the current one.