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Emperina healing too much

I was fighting a team with Emperina. She was the last left, with 15 magic and ability said she would heal 15 health on activation. First activation she went from 10 to 55 health, then next time from 25 to 80.


emp heals and gives life

Breath of Life (14 Red/Brown)
Give an ally [Magic] Life and Attack, then Cleanse and Heal them.

first it gives x life (that also increases max life) and afterwards it heals to full.

I feel like the tooltip is not very clear for her. It would be nice if it was apparent what is does for the newbies.

But yeah it’s working as it should

The fact that this question comes up every month or so perhaps an updated tool tip could be added to the Quality of Life list.

Ok, great.

But it would have been clearer to me if the ability text said something like
"increase attack and max life by [magic], then heal "

" give life then heal " doesn’t naturally imply a change in the max. It could easily be interpreted that giving involves Emp life going down because she is giving it away.

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