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Cards with healing attributes

So I have been playing long enough now to know there are a ton of cards that specificly give life to a single ally or multiple allies when activated. I’ll use Emperina as an example. Emperina’s description says that she can give life, cleanse and heal a single ally. However if she is the last card remaining than the system automatically defaults to her and allows her to be given said attributes that her card allows for.

So here is my gripe. The Guardian Construct card Loyalty has the ability to give life to all others when she is powered up to do so. However if she is the last card remaining the system DOES NOT default to her and she can NOT give life to herself. Now I’m sure there are a ton of people who are already going to say well these cards are already overpowered and they don’t need the ability to add to their own attributes if they are the last card remaining.

HOWEVER… as the old saying goes “What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” and with that said my complaint has been noted.

I suggest doing 1 of 2 things. Make all cards that can give life either be defaulted to give life to themselves in the event they are the last card or to simply honor the description and only allow the card to heal another ally and let the card go to waste if it is the last remaining card and do nothing upon activation.

Emperina can target single ally, not single another ally. so she can heal herself even when everyone in your team is alive.

*I suppose word ‘ally’ is misleading and should read ‘friendly troop’ or something as troops are their own allies too.

I’m going assuming you mean Loyalty’s spell rather than her trait. Her spell specifically says “other allies”, and the other guardians are the same. They’re specifically designed so they CAN’T buff themselves. In Emperina’s case I believe it’s as @Thundron said and the word “ally” can be misleading. I think the term Ally is meant from the player’s perspective rather than the caster of the spells. ie the troops are all allies of the player. This can also be seen in troop like Grand Inquisitor who’s spell is boosted by Whitehelm allies, and he himself is included.

If I have one of the Guardians as my last troop standing, I use their magic to spawn skulls instead of mana gems. Sure, they can’t target themselves for the skill boost, but they can still generate a devastating amount of skulls. (Especially if teamed up with anyone that provides a boost to the attack skill, so hopefully by the time they are the last one standing you can use the skulls generated to obliterate the enemy team.) And if you’ve already used them enough times in the battle you should have enough of their color gems on the board to get an extra turn or two when you spawn the skulls.

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As @Ozball said: all the Guild Guardians are the same in that they don’t buff themselves. I think that’s for the best: they’re already very strong (and in some cases a bit broken)