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Faerie Fire not working as intended

Faerie Fire reads: “A troop afflicted with Faerie Fire will take 50% extra damage from damaging spell effects.”

I haven’t tested it with all kinds of damaging spell effects, but from what I understand the tool tip implies that FF should affect ALL damaging spell effects. That is not the case with life steal (Draakulis) while it is the case with Euryali (true damage).

Is this a bug? Error? Or is it somehow supposed to be so?

I tried drakullis and he deal more damage but he only steal 20 health and imo it’s exaclty what it should do

Well, on PS4 it did not deal more damage.
I tried on a team with Drak and Euryali. Same enemies with FF, same game. It worked for Euryali, it did not for Drak.

Draak is not supposed to gain more life from FF targets, his spell only deals more damage, are you sure you didn’t just observe his stolen life?

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Are you able to make a video? So we can see whay is wrong

I tried a few times at a friend’s and it seemed very clear it wasn’t dealing +50% damage. I can’t test it myself now because I don’t have the troop.
I’ll ask him to check it again.

I did try it with Wight and it worked as you guys said…very odd…lol

There was another thread about this and I can’t figure out if it’s intended.

My mind’s probably broken because I played a lot of Magic, and in that game “damage” has a specific meaning and there are several ways to “lose toughness” without “taking damage”.

So this is a neat way the devs could explain it. If “life steal” isn’t “damage” then this is intended. But we’d have to test with some other life steal troops to see if it’s consistent. It’s definitely a bug if it isn’t consistent, but it’s not clear which behavior is “right”.

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