Faerie Fire Explanation

Can someone please explain Faerie Fire? For example, Glitterclaw’s power says a troop afflicted with Faerie Fire takes 50% more damage from damaging spell effects. What kinds of spell effects are they referring to?

Any magic spell that does damage of any kind.

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Also, mana burn’s damage is increased. It does not change damage done if a troop is charmed. Draak’s spell does extra damage, but he does not get extra life. The guys in my guild were testing that stuff out, thought it might be helpful.


Also I wanted to confirm, the debuff description doesn’t specify it has a countdown timer on it, is it like poison and stays forever unless cleansed, or is there the usual cumulative 10%?

Should have the usual 10% cumulative chance. We’ll look at fixing the text.


Thank the Gods (Devs) for that.

Glitterclaw casts, then Titania, but Titania does the same damage as in the text.

I created a little video explaining faerie fire a bit. It’s my first video with inserted text. I think it doesn’t explain faerie fire in each little detail, but maybe you like it and maybe it’s helpful…