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How does XP Calculation work?

How does XP Calculation work?
What is it depending on?
Is it a difference if the Opponent is just one Level higher compairing to100 Levels higher? Is Rank a matter?

All I see is a bar filling up… :wink:

Exp is a flat rate per troop killed boosted by your amount of exp bonus. Winning 4 matches of only 1 troop gives the same exp as 1 match of 4 troops. While not viable for speedy exp, you could technically gain a level every match by just repeat killing spawned troops. The quickest exp method is just to get Dust Devil’s 3rd trait and spam them at challenges.

There are also alternative methods to gaining exp, but the only current way to do that is the exp gained after completing each quest section. If you turn on Warlord IV before claiming these exp bonuses, you will gain 100% more exp. It is an intended feature, but the devs kind of expected a person would do the quest on Warlord IV as well and kind of oversight the fact a person can just switch before claiming the exp.