XP grinding on Consoles

Hey all!! So is there a team that gives more XP after battle or is XP solely based upon armor and battle difficulty? I’m using the “Hard” difficulty and dragon armor currently and getting 70 XP after each battle. I’m trying to save up for the Death Knight armor but was curious if anyone knows if there’s a way to gain more XP. Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile: oh I’m on PS4

Fight teams that summon other troops.

The only other ways to gain more XP are:

  1. Increase difficulty;
  2. Increase your VIP level;
  3. The lion armor gives 75% EXP boost which is the best in the game that can be bought with gems
  4. Guild bonuses provide a large EXP boost

Why are you trying to grind XP in this particular game? Did someone tell you its better to battle against other players that have better troops and teams than you? (Because its too easy at the lower levels or other such nonsense)

As a newer player: do yourself a small favor, relax on the XP.

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Get Death Knight armor

Farm the highest difficulty you can by exploding one Bombot. Probably challenges, they have the weakest enemy troops. Use a traited Mechanist hero so your Bombot starts with half mana, and brown/brown banner so you only need one brown match to power up Bombot. I’m over level 1,000 on PS4, this is definitely the fastest way to level.

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Buy the deathknight armour and just enjoy the game.
I haven’t got it but am doing the snotstones on warlord 1 with the lion armour for just over 100xp, using the mechanist class as mentioned above. I’m not really missing out lost gold because I’m re-doing challenges that only give 50 gold anyway. I knew I’d find a use for that lion armour again! Level 1015 here.

You don’t want XP. Better to stay lower level and gain xp slowly, otherwise you’ll be fighting opponents your level that have much better cards or kingdoms leveled.