PvP Casual

On XB1 when you play the “bonus XP” isn’t calculated correctly.

When you play “normal” on PvP Casual you get 81xp for winning. When you win “Warlord IV” you’re supposed to get 100% bonus XP. What you get is 116xp. Shouldn’t it be 162xp?


Are you getting any other xp modifiers like from armor, vip, guild statues, pets etc? The bonuses should be additive and then applied to the base amount. If you are calculating based on what you get after those bonuses and then calculating the xp boost from Warlord IV multiplying those bonuses then that might be where the issue lies. The 100%bonus should be added to the other bonuses and then applied to the base amount.


For some extra math, as much as I recall you get 9 xp for each kill. For those 81 xp you likely killed 4 troops (4 * 9 xp = 36 xp), with a total bonus of 125% (36 xp * 2.25 = 81 xp). Adding in another 100% bonus for a total bonus of 225% grants 36 xp * 3.25 = 117 xp. That’s off by one, but this is Gems of War, it’s a well established safe harbor for all off-by-one errors hunted to extinction in all other parts of the gaming world. :wink:

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I hear what you’re saying, but when you take the standard 81XP but apply a hero class with the 10% bonus, you end up with 89XP. Also, when you get the 50% bonus from the Gem War win, that also applies any bonus to the 81XP… so if those 2 are using a base of 81xp, then why is the Warlord IV bonus not using 81 as the base?

Because 81 xp is not the base amount as we explained. That is the amount after the non warlord bonuses are applied that you get on normal, which does not give an xp boost. You are still getting bonus xp from all the sources I showed like pets and guild and armor bonuses.

It’s always using 9 xp per troop killed as base. There’s one exception, the Quick Study talent, it applies the 10% bonus to the total result at the end. It’s possibly a side effect of the class system, we’ve been told it also wouldn’t be able to handle soul/gold bonuses on the hero well (or at all).

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