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How do you guys beat Today's Mega Boss (Eternal Stonehamer)

My top team handles all the other bosses just fine: Great Maw, Queen Aurora, Drakilus, and my Hero with Prismatic Orb. The fact that impervious is impossible to cancel out because stun is itself a status ailment makes it insanely powerful. The fact that Stonehammer’s special gives him 18 health was ultimately the clincher with my team. I had my whole team alive with just him at the top. My team defended fairly well, which is vital with the bottom enemy’s insanely powerful special ability, but I obviously need more offense. Thoughts?

Try to use mab she is really useful against tank

I use Forest Troll, Asha, Kraken, Kraken (some replace the second Kraken with Mab) with the Undead Banner.

The key is getting Eternal Stonehammer gone - and Krakens work from Bottom to Top.

Plus it is so silly to watch these power troops die from being slapped by tentacles. :slight_smile:

Mercy, Alchemist, Hellcat, Gard’s Avatar.


I did it on a level 48 account with:

Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate

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I did it with my PvP team: Dwarven Gate, Apothecary, Lady Ironbeard, King Highforge. Soften targets up with King, finish them off with burst damage from Ironbeard. When Gate died, Highforge just summoned another one.

I have been doing every dungeon with the same team.

Dragoinian Monk
Dragon Soul
Dragonian Rouge
Abyss banner

Never had much trouble, except for cascades on wulf day.

Yes, spell damage is key. One thing you don’t do is bring an Archer (and no spell-based damage), expecting Bullseye to work.

It doesn’t, not even on 4+ matches.

Ask me how I know. :rage:


I use my PVP team: Gorgotha/Infernus/Ketras/Mercy. Just ignore skulls and get Infernus/Ketras up. The one-two punch from those two will take out just about anything.

I just use the Explore Bombot team.

Princess Elspeth
Black Manacles

Have to cast Black Manacles twice on the boss battles, but that’s easy enough

Use mana drain. Psion’s siphon works best, but any kind of full mana drain stops stonehammer quite effectivelly.

To be honest, I can’t remember what team I used.


Green Slime
Dark Troll
Pharos Ra

Good for souls.

Deep Borer
Rock Worm
Rock Worm

This team has worked very well for the dungeon in general. Most of the bosses are fourth-slot, and rock worms chew through enemy teams from the bottom up :smile:

edit: also useful is that mythics tend to have very high mana costs, which allows cockatrice to easily create a dozen or more gems with a single cast.


EK, Valk, Crimson Bat, Mercy has worked every time for me.


Enrage a troop and he will kill the silly dwarf through skull damage.

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