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How do Heros get Traits?

I’ve been playing for a bit now, and I keep running across heros that have traits - similar to the troops.

How is this possible?

What have I missed to get this

The hero gets traits from the different classes you can choose from.

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From the main interface where you’re looking at the world map, click on “Hero” then click “Class”

Click any of the Classes that you have unlocked (by completing the Quests)

From there you click “Customize” and then you may Level Up the Class, apply Traits, or apply Class Perks.

Note that you may change your class once per day for no cost, or for 50 gems if you’ve used up your free daily class change.


also after 250 battles in the class you get a new weapon!!!

Somehow I missed that… don’t know how… but all taken care of now

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