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Hero Class Benefits - when are they applied?

I am a bit confused about the Hero Class and what the benefits are. If I don’t have the hero in my current team, are any of the perks, traits, or bonuses applied? If I don’t have the hero in my team, does it matter which hero class I choose and is there any benefit to leveling up the hero using souls?

No, the class bonuses apply only to hero as a troop. So if you don’t use him it doesn’t matter.

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Kind of related to this, but is the hero leveled up once, no matter what the class, or does each class need to be leveled up?

The hero levels, and keeps levels, if in a class or not. The Hero Levels are separate from the experience your hero gains.

Thanks! I just managed to unlock all of the classes but was holding off on leveling until I knew exactly how it worked :slight_smile:

Are you sure? I thought you have to level each class separately

Yes, it now looks like they level separately. I leveled Warden up to level 2 just to see and on the class screen, it shows level 2 for it while all the rest are level 1.