New Player Question: My Class at Level 10

Hey there,
sorry for this newbie Question but I couldn’t find an answer, I can understand (not native english).

If you open your Hero in Game, then Class and then the Bonus Tab, you see (Example from the Necromancer) “Khetar activated at Level 10”.
What does this exactly mean? What do I get from “Activated Khetar”?

Thanks for helping in advance.
Cheers, H

If you have that class at level 10, and if your hero is in the team as that class, then they count as a troop from Khetar for team bonuses.

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When you are on the level up screen you can use souls to level the class just like you do with troops. When you level that class to level 10 the hero belongs to that kingdom and you get bonuses for using 2 or more troops from that kingdom.

I’m using the Mechanist class and when I level it to 10 my hero is from Adana. It’s just for bonuses as you can see I get +6 armor and +2 attack because I’m using 4 Adana troops.

Aaaaah, I see - My hero counts as “from this Kingdom” (independant from my “Home” kingdom) - I count as unit from there!

Ok this perfectly makes sense - Thank you very much!!

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