Hero Class traits in arena?


Just clarifying that Hero Class traits aren’t available in Arena correct? Didn’t know if that had changed and didn’t want to make a class switch without verifying.


I’m pretty sure your class is stripped in the arena, meaning you get none of the benefits from it, including Traits.


I’m a bit perplexed on this one too.

Yesterday, I leveled my Archer class to 17. I have the +2 magic perk selected, and I have +4 magic on green weapons. So, the weapon I had in arena showed 8 damage. However, outside arena, it does 12 damage. Without the class bonuses, my magic is 6. This weapon does [magic] damage. So, the only conclusion I could come up with was that the Archer perk +2 magic works in Arena, but the extra weapon magic didn’t.


I believe it’s supposed to work the way @Ozball explained, but it works the way you described it in practice.


@Studs is correct in his comment. I understand that this is supposed to change in 2.0 so it works the way it’s supposed to.


Well, I’ll miss that +2 perk. But, I guess that is fair since the thing I like about arena is that it is pretty much balanced playing field that relies on skill.


Hero Magic working in Arena is a bug and I believe it was said that would be fixed for 2.0