Class trait indicators

On the individual class buttons could you please add trait indicators to say what traits you have so that you don’t have to click every time you want to check.

Click / tap on the hero:

  1. It will show the medals used and bonuses applied:

  2. Clicking on the hero traits, you will be able to see their talents choice for the class being used. Just scroll up/down on the leftmost list:

  3. Clicking on the weapon will show you its affixes:

That information you can get from your hero or any opponent, in any game mode.

I assume he means more the class cards when selecting a class. No reason not to have traits show up here like on troops.

It takes 3 extra clicks just to see what the traits are from this screen.

I did not explain it very well but Cairnso is correct that is what I was referring to.

This way you could just scroll along and quickly to see what you still need to upgrade.