Quality of Life: Class Display

There’s enough space between the class icon and the talent and level indicator to add mini-icons with the talent tree pictures. Centred would look best. As a new player you are flooded with different classes to remember right away and I keep forgetting them. That’s literally it. Plus thank you for the fun game.

Edit: Or directly to the left of that lions head.


Good idea…

But not just mini icons, they could include a black box with descriptive text to the far left or far right, like they do to explain status effects.


Suggestion: use cards to display classes like troops and weapons.


  • 8 classes visible at once (and thus faster scrolling)
  • Show the kingdom and troop type on the card (greyed or crossed out if not level 20)
  • Show trait icons, if applicable
  • Show both class level and champion level

Showing talent selections would be cool, too, but the above would still be a huge improvement and make the class screen more consistent with how troops and weapons are shown.


I love this, with new classes coming out its hard to remember which race and kingdom they are, that info should be available on the card, along with at least the 3rd trait.