How about making a new event for Deeds

How about taking them of AB. And make a new event or something. Cos these deeds are going to be harder to obtain then power orbs. If it continues like this. Yeah this was a bad idea from the devs. I still like AB. But Come on. this is just too stupido…

Any ideas on how to. share them.


The next patch will add a new way to obtain deeds just like there was for Ingots. My guess is deeds being added to the rework of Treasure hunt.

Eventually they will as easy to obtain as ingots.

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Citation needed. This is the first I’ve heard anything to that end.


No one knows? It’s far too early for any information like this to be made public, or even to the beta testers.

I’m going to throw cold water on this.

On the last dev Q&A stream, the devs said there was going to be no revamp of treasure maps going forward for a wide number of reasons.

Further, the devs stated that minimum expectation for players to get enough deeds to max out the Level on their kingdoms was at least one calendar year. So, they are not going to be as easy to obtain as ingots, not even close.


Where ever I heard about treasure hunt being revamped was wrong and before the last Q&A, I was just hoping it was going to get a revamp.

Yea, no one knows, but it just sense that devs are working on something with deeds or else it will take 5+ years to upgrade all the kingdoms with 1 task per 2 weeks.

My second guess would be some reward for Factions since leveling kingdoms give +50% faction hoard stat bonus.


So if I understand this correctly. The deeds are not random. Every thing else is on AB. But They are controlled by the Devs.

Next week we will probably get the brown one then


I agree that nothing has been announced yet regarding more ways to acquire deeds. However, the only way to square “completed in about a year” with the currently-known rates of epic/legendary/mythic Adventure Board tasks is if deeds can be acquired in some other way than the Adventure Board. I don’t think it’s going to be treasure hunt, though. (My own WAG is that it will relate to the purported third world map. But this is totally me guessing.)

Or Sirrian (or whichever dev gave the answer at the Q&A) was wrong. It’s been known to happen.

Edit: @Demigod, from what we have been told, all AB tasks are random. The devs have not announced the ability or intent to manually add tasks.

I’m going to go ahead and bet we were told it’d take “about a year” for the same reason I’ve been told by a dev I can “deal with Invasion towers by stunning them” or “we do not plan to sell deeds for real money”: the representative making the statement didn’t have a clue, was being yelled at, and wanted to look cool.

No sure what you kids are on about when the devs themselves confirmed that it can take a year to lvl up all kingdoms no as if they made a promise that we get deeds constantly :thinking:

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I think the estimate of a year came from Sirrian. It was definitely during the Dev Q&A.

I would rather they were added to existing events. With faction events, class events, pet rescues, dungeons, adventure board and either GW, ToD, raids or invasion everyweek and weekend faction event, class event or bounty there is already too much to do in the game.

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Here’s an idea - why don’t we take the ridiculous Major Orb of Growth (you know - the one we inevitably get anyway when RNGsus kicks our backsides for completing invasions etc anyway) out of event rewards & replace it with a number of deeds? The colour could vary event to event too. Let’s be honest - Major Orbs of Growth are a waste no matter what stage of the game you’re at compared to deeds…


That’s why they aren’t going to go away

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Always worth a try though :wink:

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So if I understand this correctly. The deeds are not random. Every thing else is on AB. But They are controlled by the Devs.

Everything is random. The devs said that "if they feel things aren’t going well, we might intervene and make changes.

Deeds and their colours are random.

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If its random then why ain’t we getting no repeats
And if we get repeats. Then how many million years is it gonna take to max them out.
Like I said this is stupid. There are many good solution from forum members here… if u only have the time. BUT deeds from the AB

No sure why still crying for this 1+ magic and some stats when we have other matters that’s been overdue (new kingdom, events, RNGesus, maps, the abundance of souls after crafting Dawn, faction teams, orb of growth, Bugged released event on weekends, changing Armor bugs and countless old bugs on all platform)

There are six colors of deeds and they’ve been chosen twice. It is more likely that there should be no repeats than that there might be repeats. I’m no probability wizard but I can tell the odds of a repeat so far are only 16.6…%. The odds of a repeat next time are 33.3…%. As soon as there ARE repeats people will be complaining it’s not the RIGHT repeats, or that they’d rather get this other one that hasn’t been distributed yet, etc.

Like, jeez. There are a dozen good things to point out suck about RNG rewards but you choose “The RNG is behaving as expected, this proves there’s a problem with it”?


RNGesus suit well today faction event, yesterday wanted to give a try at crypt keepers lvl 500 faction, after 6 morana casts and 0 kills (on very first fight) realized i was just wasting time.

So far in today event despite being “easy” (seen am not gonna get past lvl 120 anyway) Morana managed to cast 3 times so far, 2 deads…

GoW RNGesus:

Suit very well considering 1 of the deads was CoG lol.

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